Sunday, May 1, 2011

A bit late but.... DIY Easter Egg

I wanted to share my latest DIY project that I did for Easter. Since I was in Florida I was going to be with my nieces and nephews which meant doing something for Easter. In the past I have bought plastic easter eggs and filled them with candy but I did not want to go that route this year. I then came across a cool blog with a project that I couldn't wait to try.

Some sticky and sore fingers later... 

I filled my eggs with Reese's and some little wacky finger toys. My youngest nephew tore them apart in less than 2 seconds! All that hard work...

Unfortunately this is the only picture that I have of the eggs that I made. I had a picture that showcased them but I managed to delete it from my camera before I uploaded it. Don't you just hate that!

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