Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hunted:: Gathered: 05/29/11

Hey and Happy Weekend!

I am excited to be playing along again and sharing my weekly finds. Every time I bring something home the boy asks if I am going to post it in my weekly finds. I find that to be pretty funny. It is now a routine. This is a great community and I am glad to be a part of it. Cheers to Sophie and Selena.

So here goes...

One of my first finds for the week was this vintage telephone stand. It is painted in a sweet red and it had been a while since I'd seen one. I actually found it at a church rummage sale and as I was in line to pay a lady behind me excitedly said that she remembered them from her youth. She recalled how you would put the phone on the narrow top portion and the telephone book in the bottom. Funny how most people don't have a house telephone anymore. Times are changing folks!

Then I went to a nearby thrift store and I found the Ceramic Horse above. It is made by a company called Jaru Art Products which was based out of Culver City. This one is not like their products that I've read about but it was interesting from a decorative standpoint. Boy is it heavy!

Keeping up with the horse theme I found this little guy and was all of a sudden stricken with nostalgia. I thought he was so charming and I actually thought he was a vintage toy plush but when I brought it home the boy suggested that it is a pin cushion and I think he is right! That doesn't happen often... ;) Either way isn't this little guy with the droopy head just darling!

This next purchase was a guilt purchase. Don't get me wrong, I think it is really cute but I just wasn't shopping for another tote bag. I bought it because I stumbled upon a new store that was having their grand opening that very day. It's more of a community thrift store that will send their proceeds to several local charities. I didn't want to talk out empty handed so I walked out with the cute bag.

 Who doesn't need more crafting supplies? I am actually quite excited about these. Since I plan on making my own wedding invites with my Gocco I had flirted with the idea of embossing the cards after inking them. Well, what better way to buy embossing powder than in a bag filled with many of them in different colors and at a great price!

This next purchase I blame on recently catching the LP bug. The cover is designed by notable graphic designer S. Neil Fujita. It is an early record and just look at his play with type and color. 

As I was looking for more LP's with cool album covers I came across a name that I recognized: Afrika Bambaataa. They were one of the earliest hip-hop groups and they had great beats. They are often used for break dancing and they remind me of my youth because my brother would blast this music when he would pick me up from school. The boy was also really happy that I found these that we even went back to make sure I didn't miss any. He LOVES this stuff! Want to get a sip of funk town USA? Check it out here... (remember to open it in another window)

Oh and speaking of break dancing... is anyone else as excited about So You Think You Can Dance as I am?

As a teaser, I have one item that I have not revealed. I am awaiting confirmation on its authenticity. It was one of those items that I did not pick up on my initial visit but made a note of it. When I got home and looked it up I ended up feeling sick to my stomach. It has the potential of being the most valuable thing I have ever found. Period. Imagine spending the night wondering if it would be gone in the morning. I had to take a dose of melatonin because otherwise I would not have slept. Imagine my joy when it was there for me the next day. Well, now I am waiting to see if it is authentic. Crossing my fingers and toes! 
Here is a clue, one of the artist's more famous quotes is:

"We don’t take pictures with cameras – we take them with our hearts and minds."

Can't wait to see what you've found this week!


  1. Fantastic finds, I don't think that I have ever seen a phone stand like that!

  2. You're so lucky that your partner gets excited about your vintage finds! I adore the telephone table, I don't see them very often either and never in such a neat colour.

    Tote bags are always handy, I wear mine out regularly so I'm always buying them.

  3. HI! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! (The Vintage Moms Team). Yours is just adorable! Love your finds :) My favorite is that beautiful horse art piece. It's fantastic!

    Oh, wow! Can't imagine how excited you must be about they mystery find! Crossing my fingers for you!!

  4. Ummm am I the only one that's going to freak the %$^& out on you for finding a possible Newman? Dude you know how to do a serious teaser. When will you know? You better post like three seconds after knowing. so in one day you found a Jaru AND a Newman??!! Egads woman, were you able to sleep the next night because I don't think I could have. I hope its real!! You deserve it!

  5. @Leah, @ karlyn Jackson, @Marty: Thanks!

    @The Thriftaholic: The boy doesn't really get excited about my vintage finds he has just resigned himself to the fact that I am going to keep doing it... haha. He only liked the LP's because he has turntables. :)

    @Dhamma: You seem to be the only one freaking out other than myself! I don't know when I'll find out since it is a holiday weekend but I will definitely dedicate a post to it. I was able to sleep once I had it in my possession, I can't do much after that. My mind has already imagined a lot of scenarios if it turns out to be real... sigh.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I love that stand... and the donkey & the bag! Fabulous finds, really; & I hope your Newman is the real deal, how exciting & nerve-racking all at once...

  7. The telephone stand sort of reminds me of the ones just put out by Urban Outfitters (, but I like yours better!

  8. well, that quote certainly melts my heart! you are a tease, shall come back soon. hurry up, now! (cheers for your sweet comment too).

  9. Can't wait to hear your reveal! I actually really love that cute tote bag. So simple and in great shape. I totally know what you mean about the guilt factor though - my weakness is kind seniors...! They can get me to buy buy buy!

  10. For a guilt purchase the bag is quite cute! Also...I'm probably more excited about So You Think You Can Dance!!! Good luck with the potential Newman!

  11. I love the quote and CAN'T wait to see what you've found! Hurry, hurry, please! I can't take the suspense.

  12. Oh you are a tease! I hope you get your answer soon and you hit the jackpot. May it go a long ways towards giving you a fabulous honeymoon.

    I am envious of the embossing powders.

  13. Great finds! I found one of those telephone tables a few months ago
    & someone was wonderful enough to tell me about I'll tell you :-)
    Possibly it's a piece of Ravenware designed by Richard Galef. Scott from Sllab has written about it, and you can read more about the line on his site.
    Cheers ~ Lara

  14. @ Vic, @woolf, - Thanks for stopping by! Definitely nerve-racking...
    @Mary- Thanks for link, it does look like it and I find it funny that Urban Outfitters describes it as 'vintage inspired'.
    @Sixballoons- The guilt factor is a dangerous thing! Seniors get me too, there is just something that I see in their face that makes me want to give their treasures (or junk) a home! Kids are a weakness too, especially when they are helping out the parents by being salesmen, it just melts my heart!
    @Beccalina- We might have to battle out who's more excited about SYTYCD, hehe.
    @Michelle- The quote is quite amazing isn't it!
    @dogsmom- I hope I hit the jackpot too after all of the hype! It would go a long way towards a house, a honeymoon, a wedding... but it would also be really cool for it to be in a museum with a little plaque next to it reading.. "on loan by ...." ;)
    @Lara- Thanks so much for the heads up! It's hard to keep up with so much stuff!

  15. That telephone stand is fantastic! I love your teaser too! I can't wait to see what you've found!

  16. Your telephone stand IS fantastic and the fact that it is red makes it even better. What will you use it for?

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that you've found a Newman...I look forward to your update when you know more!

  17. Like everyone else I too just love that shiny red phone I need to find me some info on this Newman guy everybodies talking about...a wedding, house AND a honeymoon too! Wow!
    Also need to check out Jaru we have some Jaru ceramics but I don't know anything about them...must hunt them down... they are stuck in our shed somewhere...

  18. @Flo- Thanks! I finally found a stand for the right price and learned a bit more about it which is always great!
    @Brittany- Truthfully, I don't know if I am going to keep the stand, it is a bit small to really help in storing my ever increasing book collection!
    @Kylie- oops, I didn't mean to imply that the print would cover a wedding, a honeymoon and a house. It would cover part of a down payment or part of a wedding or a honeymoon. :) Definitely look for the Jaru, they're wonderful especially if they are from the '50s and '60s! You may have your own hidden treasure.

    Thanks for stopping by ladies!