Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hunted:: Gathered: 05/15/11

Hey fellow thrifters, I hope you had a great week! I also hope you notice the change in my web address. I've made the switch!

After this week I think it is safe to say that I am a bibliotaph. I have so many books in stacks all over my apartment. I also have a couple of containers filled with books at my mom's that I have yet to bring over!

The bulk of books that I found are all design-related. Since I am inspired by just about everything I couldn't hold back. In order to get you through the books I'll start off with one of my first finds, another record album with a cover designed by Albers. If you are interested in hearing the music from this album just click on the image (but open the link in a new window) and enjoy while you sift through my books with me.

The first books I want to share with you are about Beatrice Wood. The books are Playing Chess with the Heart: Beatrice Wood at 100 and Intimate Appeal: the Figurative Art of Beatrice Wood. Despite studying art for some time this name did not ring a bell. I have come to find out that she is called "the Mama of Dada" for her influence on the movement. She was also a lover to Marcel Duchamp. I am surprised that I did not have a recollection of her but I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about her life and viewing her works. She lived to be 105 and attributed it to chocolate and young men!Ha!

I also want to share that one of the books of hers that I found is actually signed by her, this makes it my first signed book!

This is a quote from the first book and it is something I need to keep in mind...

          It is in silence that new thoughts come. If we divert the mind with too much distraction, it        
          becomes scrambled like eggs.
                                                                                                              Beatrice Wood

By the way, if you ever find ceramic pieces signed Beato, pick them up!

I found a book containing works by the artist Lee Waisler from 1968-1988...

... and one containing the Architecture of Mexican Architect Ricardo Legorreta. I don't know if you know this, but architects like pretty pictures. This book has plenty of stunning photographs.

I also found my second Brian Wildsmith book. These are from Circus. His illustrations are stunning!

I also found two books that I think would be helpful for research purposes. One is a comprehensive set of Louis Poulsen lamps in Create Light and Atmosphere.

and California Design 76: A Bicentennial Celebration which features several design mediums. I've never thought of the '70s as having great design but this book is making me reconsider this idea. Just look at that cool wall installation...

Last but not least I did find breakables. Behold these beauties. They are 4 sets of Heath cups and Saucers in what I believe to be their vintage Pumpkin glaze. They are in great condition too!

What did you find this week?

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Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. well!
    i did as you suggested. i opened the music and sifted through your library. what a joy! i can just about imagine this goodness ringing in your apartment, while contemplating your design literature.
    now, the life of beatrice wood! i'd be intrigued. in fact i am! what a quote.
    thoroughly enjoyed this, early on a sunday morn'!

  2. Well that was fun - loved the musical interlude - thank you! Beatrice sounds like she would have been a fun sort - albeit as the "mama of Dad" she may well have been earnest but entertaining! All these books look lovely - I am a sucker for this kind of book too and it was a pleasure to share your finds.

  3. Those Heath cups and saucers are beautiful! I think it was a Heath weekend...I found a large serving bowl that matches thoses lol.

  4. That Circus book is phenomenal. Just takes my breath away.

  5. Great finds - I've been picking up the Albers when I can find them as well. Nice Heath too!

  6. @woolf, @sue- I'm glad you enjoyed the tunes! I was curious to hear the actual music on these albums and found that youtube link that had the whole series of albums... it just places you in another time! As for Beato, well, she's just awesome!

    @Beccalina- There is just something about Heath, the texture and weight is just wonderful! Can't wait to see pics of yours!

    @grace- I was pretty happy when I saw his name peering out from under some other books. His illustrations and beautifully vibrant!

    @ALaModern- Thanks! Good luck with the new home and can't wait to read some new posts! :)

  7. Adore those circus illustrations - you're right, they are stunning. The cups and saucers are beautiful.

    May I just say that the Marilyn screens in the previous post are fantastic. Love your blog.