Monday, February 27, 2012

Hunted::Gathered: 02/27/12

So did anyone watch the Oscars last night? This is the first time in my life that I sat through both the red carpet and the Oscars. Not only did I watch them, but the boy did too, begrudgingly. My only complaint is that I didn't get enough of Uggie. I also realized, as I do every year, that I didn't watch a lot of the movies that were nominated. 

Well, enough about that, it's Funday Monday and time to get share my latest finds.

I was lucky enough to add to my Rosenthal Do Not Litter Series with this brown bag by Tapio Wirkkala. These are so fun and witty!

I found two Vignelli bakeware pieces. One is a small souffle, and the other a larger casserole. I am still holding out hope for their counterparts.

I am beginning to take some of these Oiva Toikka Flora pieces for granted. I find myself leaving them behind once or twice and then I can resist no longer. This is a smaller bowl that fits nests nicely in my larger Oiva Toikka bowl.

Voila... that's right. It's another Flora piece but this time it is a cake platter. It is missing the cake stand portion (that just so happens to look like a bowl). I still have to do a bit more research to determine if they are iittala or Nuutajarvi pieces.

Lastly, I finally photographed these pieces of Dansk flatware. They were designed by Jens Quistgaard and are in the Variation IV pattern. Since this is the first time I find Dansk flatware, I wanted to share the four ducks logo stamped on these pieces. Unfortunately, only the two items pictured have that marking. The rest of the pieces are either made in Denmark or Finland which is never a bad thing.

I hope you have a great week and I can't wait to see your finds at Sophie's and Selena's!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hunted::Gathered: 02/18/12

Hey lovely readers, I've had quite a week so I'm sorry for not getting back to some of your comments and messages but I will, promise.

I did want to share some of my latest finds. Luckily I photographed these last week so I have something to share.

I found this little mod candle-holder tucked away at an estate sale. Unfortunately I missed what seemed to be great finds on the first day of the sale because of work but I did manage to pick up a few things. The individual teak pieces swivel. They are also made in Denmark but I've been unable to find the designer.

Also tucked away in some boxes outside was this cute little needlepoint purse. The things I picked up weren't priced so I worried when I went to the register but the lovely lady gave them to me for a song. Phew!

The estate was pretty amazing, it was a custom built mid-century post and beam home by a local architect. Since I am looking for a home, I was curious about the property but I learned it won't be coming up for sale for a few months (hopefully). It is a modest sized home but for the most part was in great condition.

I saved a copy of one of the preview images for the sale to see if anyone could help id one of the pieces I wanted. It's the white spherical ceramic container. Anyone know what it is?

At another estate sale I found my first Swedish Dala horse. This one measures in at 8.5"! The dansk spider candle-holder was from a local thrift and was manufactured in Denmark.

I'm still debating about this find. I was excited because it is a vintage Dansk ice bucket with the four ducks logo on the bottom BUT it is missing the lid. I asked a couple of employees if they would look in the back and none of them would. I went back to see if it popped up but I had no luck. What do you think, was it a good buy?

Lastly, I am really excited about these finds. These Iittala Festivo candlesticks have six rings and add to my collection. The largest one I had prior to these has 5 rings. They have a vintage sticker and are marked with Timo Sarpaneva's initials on the bottom. This estate had a lot of good furniture that I missed out on. There was a family of 5 that took the tags off of all of the teak furniture...drat! They did miss these candlesticks though.

How was your week? I'll be linking up with Selena and Sophie.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hunted:: Gathered: 02/12/12

It's a smalls world after all!

What a week, what a week! So many possibilities, probabilities, opportunities and misfortunes. The misfortunes are not family nor health related (thankfully) so there is no need to worry. All I can say is that this country's recovery is taking far too long.

On the bright side however, is that I am finally getting my act together to get this shindig up and running. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. So....

Here are this week's goodies.

I found this little Coppercraft Guild piggy bank that is as sweet as a button.

Even though Christmas is long gone, I'd been searching for a wooden nativity set and I found it this week. I think these are actually a combination of two sets, one with the village and carolers and the other one being the actual nativity scene.

I also got my hands on two little vikings from the same vendor at a local swap meet. Can you believe that I found another Kokeshi doll too?

I couldn't resist this little plate, and I mean little. It looks like it can be a saucer for an espresso cup. What I like about it is that it isn't painted on the outside, the blue is actually a part of the glass. It is signed on the bottom but I haven't been able to find any information on it.

Lastly, I really like this business card holder. I love the chevron pattern made with different wood types. It saves me from adding another project to my increasingly long list of them.

I truly hope you enjoyed my finds and I can't wait to see yours at Sophie's and Selena's.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hunted:: Gathered: 02/05/12

Hey thrifty buds, I'm going to keep it short and sweet this week. I didn't find much this week but that's how it is, some weeks are good, some not so much. That's what makes the thrill of the hunt stronger for next week! Also, sometimes you just don't find the time to photograph some of your latest catches.

A find that I was really stoked about is this Raymor Capri piece designed by Michael Lax. It reminds me of one of my very first thrift hunts here in SoCal. I had just discovered by inclination towards MCM objects and found a divided dish in this same line. I stumbled upon it and heavily considered it even though it was less than $5. There was another thrifter eyeing me and secretly hoping that I would set it down. He was watching my every move but alas I brought it home. I did all kinds of searches for porcelain and walnut combos but didn't have much luck. It took me about a year to learn who it was designed by and it was by chance. I think I was doing research for something else. Fast forward a couple of years to my second piece from this line. I saw it at the thrift and paid a fair price for it, it certainly wasn't a giveaway but this is a line that is going to grace my home for years to come. I love white dishes and I love Black Walnut, bring the two together and I'm head over heels!

This little guy is missing a couple of pieces but I recognized the line right away. It is a Lagardo Tackett for Schmid sugar container. This originally had a rattan handle that looped around the little 'shrek' ears. It is also missing the little spoon but it was half off! It's awfully hard to find Lagardo Tackett goodies in my 'hood.

Did you have any good finds this week? Did any bring back memories?

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