Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hunted:: Gathered: 02/12/12

It's a smalls world after all!

What a week, what a week! So many possibilities, probabilities, opportunities and misfortunes. The misfortunes are not family nor health related (thankfully) so there is no need to worry. All I can say is that this country's recovery is taking far too long.

On the bright side however, is that I am finally getting my act together to get this shindig up and running. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. So....

Here are this week's goodies.

I found this little Coppercraft Guild piggy bank that is as sweet as a button.

Even though Christmas is long gone, I'd been searching for a wooden nativity set and I found it this week. I think these are actually a combination of two sets, one with the village and carolers and the other one being the actual nativity scene.

I also got my hands on two little vikings from the same vendor at a local swap meet. Can you believe that I found another Kokeshi doll too?

I couldn't resist this little plate, and I mean little. It looks like it can be a saucer for an espresso cup. What I like about it is that it isn't painted on the outside, the blue is actually a part of the glass. It is signed on the bottom but I haven't been able to find any information on it.

Lastly, I really like this business card holder. I love the chevron pattern made with different wood types. It saves me from adding another project to my increasingly long list of them.

I truly hope you enjoyed my finds and I can't wait to see yours at Sophie's and Selena's.


  1. Wonderful little bits of loveliness. That piggy bank is very special.

  2. Very nice finds. The glass has the look of Higgins, maybe? Vikings and kokeshi are two of my favorite things!

  3. *OOOO* Totally jelous over the kokeshi.. The four Male kokeshi's in this house all have to fight over the one female. hahaha

    That piggy bank is pretty cool

  4. i have been looking for a wooden nativity scene for a while now too... i love your finds :) that piggy is precious :)

  5. Great finds as usual - those Vikings are too cool!

  6. That pig is adorable! I like the vikings a lot too.

  7. Love the picture of the Christmas village! All your finds are fun!

  8. The village set was made in Germany as part of a pyramid set. Very expensive. Also the glass looks like a Peggy Karr or more likely a William McGrath. They make fused glass which is layers of glass melted together.

  9. Check out Sydenstricker glass as well in regards to the blue fused glass piece. Nice finds!

  10. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments! @deepdeep- You are right! It is Sydenstricker, thanks so much!