Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hunted:: Gathered: 02/05/12

Hey thrifty buds, I'm going to keep it short and sweet this week. I didn't find much this week but that's how it is, some weeks are good, some not so much. That's what makes the thrill of the hunt stronger for next week! Also, sometimes you just don't find the time to photograph some of your latest catches.

A find that I was really stoked about is this Raymor Capri piece designed by Michael Lax. It reminds me of one of my very first thrift hunts here in SoCal. I had just discovered by inclination towards MCM objects and found a divided dish in this same line. I stumbled upon it and heavily considered it even though it was less than $5. There was another thrifter eyeing me and secretly hoping that I would set it down. He was watching my every move but alas I brought it home. I did all kinds of searches for porcelain and walnut combos but didn't have much luck. It took me about a year to learn who it was designed by and it was by chance. I think I was doing research for something else. Fast forward a couple of years to my second piece from this line. I saw it at the thrift and paid a fair price for it, it certainly wasn't a giveaway but this is a line that is going to grace my home for years to come. I love white dishes and I love Black Walnut, bring the two together and I'm head over heels!

This little guy is missing a couple of pieces but I recognized the line right away. It is a Lagardo Tackett for Schmid sugar container. This originally had a rattan handle that looped around the little 'shrek' ears. It is also missing the little spoon but it was half off! It's awfully hard to find Lagardo Tackett goodies in my 'hood.

Did you have any good finds this week? Did any bring back memories?

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  1. The Lax piece is new to me, so thank you for the info. I also found some Tacket this week, plain white, yet beautiful.
    When are we going to see your new dining room???

  2. Great goodies, the porcelain + walnut is definitely beautiful.

  3. Raymor Capri has completely eluded me so far, great that you found your second piece already!

  4. Who would have known, a sugar container. Not me.

  5. The Raymor Capri piece is very fine. I have a vase that I'm puzzling over, could you take a look at it?
    It's featured on my latest post. I value your expertise. Appreciate any help!

  6. That is a great Michael Lax piece! Ive always found the his use of walnut and porcelain to be sophisticated. Your thrifts are yielding quite an abundance.

  7. Beautiful finds! Enjoy your blog, found you via Salena's site. Now following you!