Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hunted:: Gathered: 01/28/12

The Glass Menagerie

This week's finds have one thing in common. They are all glass! Glass is such a tricky item and I am continuously learning about it. With so many things made in China, it's incredibly hard to be able to decipher what is vintage and what is new imitating a vintage shape.

This piece is one that falls into the mystery category. It isn't marked and I have not been able to identify the shape. The way that the top flares out flatly is reminiscent of some Holmegaard pieces and the olive green color was also used heavily in the past. It may or may not be vintage. Anyone out there have any leads, otherwise only time will tell.

These little guys are my first find of the Eva Zeisel Prestige line for Federal Glass. I actually found eight but I sent four of them to a friend who appreciates some EZ design. They weren't a thrift store find, instead they were from a little antique shop en route home from work.

This piece I haven't been able to pinpoint either but I'm pretty convinced it is a Bo Borgstrom design for Aseda. It is incredibly heavy and thick, very similar to this one.

Since I'm continuously trying to refine my glass identifying skills, these were fresh in my mind when I saw them. They are American Modern glasses designed by Russel Wright for Morgantown. They were from a local estate sale and were priced at $1 each. I had one hesitation, they appeared to have hard water deposits. I asked the lady running the estate sale if she knew how to clean-up the glasses and she mentioned that she didn't get a chance to wash them. It turns out they were just dirty! Not only that, but she gave them to me as a gift. The catch was that I had just purchased a pretty pricey danish dining set. That's right, I straight out bought a dining set (that I intend to keep, but more on that later).

Lastly, I must not forget to mention that I also bought this 10.5" bad boy at the same estate sale. It was one of the lures of the estate sale to begin with. For those who don't know what it is, it is a Timo Sarpaneva Orkidea vase. It is signed and dated 1958.

This estate sale was a dream. The homeowners took great pride in maintaining their home and really took care of their possessions. Not only that but the lady who held it is an absolute sweetheart who runs estate sales as her passion. Her full-time job is as a realtor.

The one thing I left behind is this couch. It was priced very well but we just don't need another couch right now. The boy was open to adding this to our home, but I think it would just be too chaotic for the time being. Especially since we live on the third floor and are looking to move soon!

How about you? What did you find this week? Hope to see you at Selena's and Sophie's!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hunted:: Gathered: 01/22/12

This week's theme: Put a bird on it (also as a celebration of Portlandia's new season)

I started thrifting religiously when I learned about California pottery; and being in California, the chances were that I'd eventually find some California pottery. The things that I bring home have greatly evolved but when I come across Howard Pierce I find it hard to resist. Above is a rooster and hen set that I found recently.

The holiday season has passed, but I could not pass on this enamel by AnneMarie Davidson. 

This littly guy has a sweet disposition. It's my first piece by Pigeon Forge pottery.

I'm using this last piece as a trivet/ spoon rest. I find it hard to resist that rich blue hue. It is signed by the artist but I cannot make out the name.

Though this last piece has nothing to do with birds, I wanted to share something Scandi that I found recently. It was signed on the back but I didn't recognize the signature. I thought one of the letters was a B so I looked at Bjorn Wiinblad and Arne Bang. Well, on one of the websites I stumbled upon Danish pottery signatures and learned that the bowl is by Eigil Hinrichsen.

So that's it for my goodies. I'll be hopping around to take a look at your finds. Did you link up with Selena and Sophie?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hunted::Gathered: 01/11/12

Hey everyone! I hope 2012 started off without a hitch for you. I'll be honest, some of my finds in this post are from the last week of 2011 and some are from 2012. I just have to get through some of my backlogged items. Is anyone else excited about all of the possibilities for 2012? I have so many things planned for 2012, I just have to be fearless and make them happen!

Anyhow, here are the latest and greatest:

I believe this is a cup/ planter? by David Stewart but I haven't been able to find a source to confirm it. It seems odd to me that it would be a planter because of its size but would it really be a cup?

I also found this mystery piece that I haven't been able to track any information for. It isn't signed and I don't know if the detail on the back is simply a detail or if it is a mark. This piece is pretty small but has an opening on the top seemingly like a vase. The vivid blues and sultry curves caught my eye.

This is my first piece of vintage Le Creuset. It's missing the lid but the price was right. This past week I went to the same thrift where I found this and there was not one but two Cathrineholm pans with the lids and handles. Sadly I left them behind because they were in such poor shape that I even missed them at first glance.

This necklace was from a local estate sale. I loved the mod pattern and since I'm not really a jewelry buff I thought the mark that read TENN on the back was for Tennessee. Haha. It also had a hand signature that read Landerholm. Despite the clue in the name, I was surprised to find that it is Scandinavian and made of pewter. I may have overpaid, but who knows, prices are all over the place with these pieces.

Last but not least is my first Kokeshi thrift store find ever! I've loved these ever since I saw them in a gift shop in Japan, so much so that I paid full price for one for my niece. I loved the sweetness in the face and the subtle colors and etching, it's also marked. I've had a hard time researching it because I don't read Japanese and I'm not even sure what this particular style is called but I do think it's is vintage.

So that about wraps up this week's finds. I'll be linking up with Selena and Sophie. Also, if you still want to wrap up your finds from 2011 and link up you still can. The link up doesn't close until the 14th!