Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hunted:: Gathered: 10/30/11

Guess what time it is everybody... It's thrift-share time! I've been feeling a bit under the weather this weekend so I took it as an opportunity to catch up on some homely duties. I also needed to catch up on organizing some of my latest finds as well as taking photos of them. So now that I've done so I can share them with you... aren't you excited! I know I am.

I finally found a fairly priced set of nesting Matryoshka dolls. I was pretty amazed at how small this set got. The smallest one is about the diameter of a penny, in height that is! This set also had the original tag on the bottom, it's in Russian so I have absolutely no idea what it reads.

This set of goodies comes from an estate sale... on their last day so it was all half off! The sale was not advertised as a mod or scandinavian loaded sale. There were many antiques and random bric-a- brac so imagine my surprise when I found these. I also hadn't planned on going to any estate sales that weekend but did so because I succumbed to the call of the Estate Sale sign on the street corner. The first piece I picked up was the iittala Stellaria votive. It was on a table with a lot of your typical porcelain and ceramic figurines but I recognized the shape. I picked it up and all was confirmed by the beautiful  . I was happy with my find though I was worried about the price. It had a blank price tag which can be bad news when you get to the register. I then went to the pantry which had been cleaned out of the pyrex that probably graced its shelves and found a fun little coaster set by Laurids Lonborg. The box originally contained 22 coasters but it only had 9 left. Not bad for paper coasters that were probably produced quite a few decades ago! Then... underneath some papers I got a peek of that fateful  again. I pulled it out and was excited to find a set of glasses by Tapio Wirkkala for iittala! They were still in the box, with their stickers, seemingly never used and with their original price tag of $58 but no signs of the estate sale price tag. So I worry again... especially because this estate sale was being held by the company that I have complained about in previous posts. I took it to the register and luckily the 'main' guy was too occupied chatting with one of his employees and so another one of the guys tended to me and sold me the Tapio set of glasses for $5! YES!!!

This goes to show that you NEVER know what you're going to find at your local estate sale so don't underestimate them.

Now on to this little birdie... I don't know anything about it other than the fact that I love it. Isn't the texture amazing... and the pattern... oh the pattern!

I happened to find the rest of the yellow stash of Dansk plastics that I'm assuming came from the same donor as the previous yellow goodies I found. It was at the same thrift, a week or two apart, it happens. They were all designed by Gunnar Cyren, known because of the GC marking next to or under the Dansk marking.

Now if you want to get a glimpse at how I really felt with the Tapio glasses, take a look at this clip! (hopefully you won't get offended)

I hope you enjoyed my goodies. I'll be linking up with the lovely ladies of Her Library Adventures and Apron Thrift Girl


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No thriftshare this week but....

I minor update on the status of my table.

I still have to condition it and oil it and find a top for it but you can get the picture.

In retrospect there are quite a few things I would do differently after learning to use some tools in the shop but that's how you learn right?

I'm also sad to say that I missed out on a great craigslist piece. It was posted last week but I was working towards a deadline so I didn't even think of checking craigslist. My mind was on maximizing sleep. Are you wondering what it is?

1st dibs- Dixon Lane Antiques

It was a brass Sarreid chest. It was $100. It retails for a few thousand... sigh.

But....... dahn dahn dahn (suspense music) ....  I did find a great mid-century china cabinet on saturday! It didn't fit in my car so it is still at the shop. The boy and I are renting a uhaul van on friday and bringing the baby home. It was manufactured by Drexel and it's a sought after line designed by KS and SD. Oh.. and it has ceramic pulls!

Any guesses?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hunted:: Gathered: 10/09/11

Ayayay! I'm back from a wonderful (northern) Tour of California and find myself with so many things to do but not enough time to do them! I'll share some pics from the boy and I's trip so stay tuned... You'll see some pics from the Bay area, Yosemite, Levi's Gran Fondo and Sequoia National Park. We put 1600 miles on our car in less than a week... it was way too much driving!

I managed to do some thrifting and I went by one estate sale in Berkeley but walked out empty-handed. I had missed out on great deals on Danish furniture and just missed out on a Michael Lax Lightolier lamp. The thrifting wasn't fruitful either, we were pressed for time so I had to drive by some that looked promising. Ironically enough after going to several thrifts the day of Levi's Gran Fondo (the boy was going to be riding for approximately 6 hours), and driving through several towns in the Redwood Empire I only found one thing and it happened to be around the corner from our hotel. It's a project, but as a hint... it is from the 50's, it is by a notable designer and was manufactured by Winchendon Furniture. Enough about that though... let's get on to the goodies!

I found a vintage Chemex Coffee Maker. This is the first time I've ever found one of these and it looks to be unused. It's in the original box, has the original filters and has a little instruction book/ brochure. I'm tempted to brew a batch in it to see if the 'acidity' from coffee really is filtered.

I'm become a regular in the plastics section ever since I found a Sergio Asti Heller Ice Bucket. I've seen these fun Dansk fish trivets on Etsy before and I finally found one of my own. I also found half of a Rosti salad serving set... still hoping I'll find its matching counterpart.

These shakers were the only other thing I found during our trip. They are fun shakers made of walnut, maple and rosewood (or purpleheart). I also passed on some Iittala Kekkerit glasses. I feel I am one step closer to finding a stash of Ultima Thule.

Also a first for me is a Bitossi piece. It is an ashtray and appears to be from the Rimini Blue line by Aldo Londi. I've always loved these pieces because of the beautiful color and hope to one day find or barter for one of the animal figurines.

Last but certainly not least I found pieces from a line I was unfamiliar with. It is the Raymor line for Roseville and it was designed by Ben Seibel. The line is usually referred to by collectors as Roseville Modern Stoneware (RMS). If some of you didn't know this, don't worry, I just found out about it myself... :)

The first picture is of a bean pot with a Beach Gray bottom and Autumn Brown lid and the above picture is of soup bowls? I need to double check on the size. I found a total of 7 and only one of them seems to have been used! They were also being sold as a set, not individually so I got a great deal.

I have a crazy week ahead but I have much more to share, I'll post when I get a chance to breathe!

Can't wait to see what you found...

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