Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hunted:: Gathered: 10/30/11

Guess what time it is everybody... It's thrift-share time! I've been feeling a bit under the weather this weekend so I took it as an opportunity to catch up on some homely duties. I also needed to catch up on organizing some of my latest finds as well as taking photos of them. So now that I've done so I can share them with you... aren't you excited! I know I am.

I finally found a fairly priced set of nesting Matryoshka dolls. I was pretty amazed at how small this set got. The smallest one is about the diameter of a penny, in height that is! This set also had the original tag on the bottom, it's in Russian so I have absolutely no idea what it reads.

This set of goodies comes from an estate sale... on their last day so it was all half off! The sale was not advertised as a mod or scandinavian loaded sale. There were many antiques and random bric-a- brac so imagine my surprise when I found these. I also hadn't planned on going to any estate sales that weekend but did so because I succumbed to the call of the Estate Sale sign on the street corner. The first piece I picked up was the iittala Stellaria votive. It was on a table with a lot of your typical porcelain and ceramic figurines but I recognized the shape. I picked it up and all was confirmed by the beautiful  . I was happy with my find though I was worried about the price. It had a blank price tag which can be bad news when you get to the register. I then went to the pantry which had been cleaned out of the pyrex that probably graced its shelves and found a fun little coaster set by Laurids Lonborg. The box originally contained 22 coasters but it only had 9 left. Not bad for paper coasters that were probably produced quite a few decades ago! Then... underneath some papers I got a peek of that fateful  again. I pulled it out and was excited to find a set of glasses by Tapio Wirkkala for iittala! They were still in the box, with their stickers, seemingly never used and with their original price tag of $58 but no signs of the estate sale price tag. So I worry again... especially because this estate sale was being held by the company that I have complained about in previous posts. I took it to the register and luckily the 'main' guy was too occupied chatting with one of his employees and so another one of the guys tended to me and sold me the Tapio set of glasses for $5! YES!!!

This goes to show that you NEVER know what you're going to find at your local estate sale so don't underestimate them.

Now on to this little birdie... I don't know anything about it other than the fact that I love it. Isn't the texture amazing... and the pattern... oh the pattern!

I happened to find the rest of the yellow stash of Dansk plastics that I'm assuming came from the same donor as the previous yellow goodies I found. It was at the same thrift, a week or two apart, it happens. They were all designed by Gunnar Cyren, known because of the GC marking next to or under the Dansk marking.

Now if you want to get a glimpse at how I really felt with the Tapio glasses, take a look at this clip! (hopefully you won't get offended)

I hope you enjoyed my goodies. I'll be linking up with the lovely ladies of Her Library Adventures and Apron Thrift Girl



  1. Ohhhh my God! You found a ton of great things.
    * Love your Matryoshka dolls.
    * The glasses & coasters are great.
    * The litte bird is so sweet.
    * I am totally envious of all the yellow dish ware. (The fish is so awsome!!)

    *lol* At the cartoon! If anyone took offense to it.... I would have to fall off my chair laughing.

  2. Love the bird and love when something has an old price on it so you can give yourself a high five for getting it so cheap! Sherry :)

  3. estate sales sound so much fun! love the little birdie.

  4. Great finds for a last day! Love the coasters.

  5. Wow, I cannot believe your luck with those iittala glasses!!! The Dansk items are also pretty awesome :-)

  6. Cool finds! I have got to try an Estate Sale.

  7. Such great finds! Love the story about your nervous approach to the cash register at the estate sale. You lucked out!

    Oh, and the clip is hilarious ;-)

  8. What a lucky day - great finds at great prices!

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