Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No thriftshare this week but....

I minor update on the status of my table.

I still have to condition it and oil it and find a top for it but you can get the picture.

In retrospect there are quite a few things I would do differently after learning to use some tools in the shop but that's how you learn right?

I'm also sad to say that I missed out on a great craigslist piece. It was posted last week but I was working towards a deadline so I didn't even think of checking craigslist. My mind was on maximizing sleep. Are you wondering what it is?

1st dibs- Dixon Lane Antiques

It was a brass Sarreid chest. It was $100. It retails for a few thousand... sigh.

But....... dahn dahn dahn (suspense music) ....  I did find a great mid-century china cabinet on saturday! It didn't fit in my car so it is still at the shop. The boy and I are renting a uhaul van on friday and bringing the baby home. It was manufactured by Drexel and it's a sought after line designed by KS and SD. Oh.. and it has ceramic pulls!

Any guesses?


  1. I love that table! What type of wood is it? Are you thinking just a rounded tempered glass top? Very cool to design and make your own furniture, brings back my high school wood shop class.

  2. I love your table design! It looks amazing!!! Kudos to you and can't wait to see the finished piece :-)
    Cheers ~ Lara

  3. Thanks ladies! It is black walnut so once I oil it it'll be a rich brown. hehe... i also took woodshop in highschool but I made a not so cute bookshelf. As for the top i was thinking of a rounded glass .. but i have a couple of other ideas that are a little bit more complicated...

  4. ok, #1 - incredible job on the handmade table. i'm pleased w/myself when i make a potholder. but to make a table? outta my league, baby. bravo to you.

    #2 - i know what you scored regarding the ol' china cabinet and i might be green with envy. i won't spoil it by naming names. again, bravo bravo.