Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hunted:: Gathered: 10/07/12

One more week of sanity, how many more to go? These next few weeks are going to be busy, busy, busy. We're getting closer to our closing date and there are some deadlines coming up! Since I am one to have my priorities in check, I did a bit of thrifting this week. teehee

Even though I try to avoid California Pottery, there are some pieces I can't resist. This creamer is by Bauer and is clearly marked on the bottom. When I started picking, I would look for furniture and California pottery. I'll blame Bryan for having such an informative site that enabled my early picking. I still get excited when I see a Bauer pieces in the wild.

These next few pieces I found a while back. They are also California pottery pieces. I knew right away what these were because I'd seen them before when researching. They are by Metlox and are in the California Mobile pattern. The piece above is a celery dish.

There is a bit of a funny story with these. I was at a Goodwill that is hit or miss with vintage items. I don't know about everyone's local Goodwill but some of the ones here in SoCal are often littered with donations from Target. Sometimes you won't find a single vintage piece. Luckily, I found these all tucked behind some other pieces and couldn't get to them fast enough. I searched high and low for more throughout the store but these were all that were meant to be. It just so happens that there was another vintage picker in the store at the same time. I know this because after she saw me walking around with these I overheard her telling her husband that that is the stuff she looks for at Goodwill. That being my recently found dishes.

I must admit that I felt a bit guilty because I knew that there was nothing else comparable at the store. However, that is how picking goes. Sometimes you just get lucky. What's funny is that she followed me around for a bit hoping that I would set them down. I'll just say that it isn't the first time that has happened.

Lastly, I found this piece over a month ago. The great pattern caught my eye initially. I walked toward it and upon feeling it I knew it was wool. I searched for a tag and was happy to find the words Pendleton Woolen Mills but was confused with "Beaver State".

After some research, I learned that the term Beaver State was first used in 1919 when Pendleton sold Blankets, Robes and Shawls to local tribes. You can find a great google book excerpt here. According to that source, my blanket is from 1923-1930 and it is in the Harding Pattern! I still can't believe how old it is because it's in pretty good condition. I've already had it dry-cleaned and it's ready for a new home.

That's it for me! I hope you all have a great week. I'll be linking up with the folks at A Living Space and with Selena this week.