Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hunted:: Gathered: 07/28/12

Hey-o! Fellow thrifters, I must confess that I did some thrifting yet again. While I've greatly reduced my thrifting trips and I believe I've become more selective, I still can't resist some pieces. I think they are all pretty great and since thrifts can often dry up for months I figure I should enjoy it while it lasts right?

My eyes popped when I saw this piece at the thrift (it actually has a partner which still needs to be cleaned). I had seen these before (years ago) on blogs and highly coveted them. Isn't it cute? It is a vintage Samsonite Fashionaire suitcase. The design is often rumored to be Marimekko but I've not found a reference to confirm that. It certainly has that flavor. This piece would be great to use for travel or even storage in the home. I had quite a bit of scrubbing to do on it because there was some adhesive residue which had yellowed.

I also found some lovely smalls. I found a lovely Dansk Teak Ice Bucket with the older four ducks logo. The little carafe/ decanter is a pyrex piece that was made for Weico. I thought the little wrap and colorful beads were a nice touch. I also found a nice set of colorful pans that are awfully similar to Krenit pieces because of the matte black on the bottom. They have a nice weight to them too but I haven't been able to confirm an id. The ceramic piece on the right is my very first William Manker find. He was a notable California potter.

Lastly, I thought these were just too cool. There was a decent sized box full of cast aluminum antlers at an estate. I was intrigued because I've never seen anything like them. I walked out with a few sets and am planning on keeping one for myself. If anyone is interested in a set let me know. I think these would be great mounted and used as a coat rack, jewelry display or just for decorative purposes. They're a great alternative to real ones from an actual critter. What do you think?

That's it for my finds. I'm going to be tuning in to the Olympics because I love watching the athletes. They dedicate such a huge chunk of their daily lives to accomplish amazing feats. It's truly inspiring.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hunted:: Gathered: 07/22/12

It's a mod mod world

I know that last week I said I would try to not thrift but I failed. I couldn't resist the temptation of stopping by one or two places while out running errands. I did restrain myself from buying a lot of things so that's a positive right?

I found this lovely set of glasses by Culver. They are from the Devon line and the gold detailing may actually be 22K gold! There is a set of 8 and they are in great condition. I am so tempted to keep these because they are a great size.They aren't too big nor too small and are super stylish.

This will be in the shop soon.

I actually found this El Palomar piece last week and I'm not quite sure what to call it. It's quite large. Is it a bowl? A planter?

This is a find from this week. I've seen these cool bubble mirrors around and I've always thought they were fun. I carried this around with me at the thrift but decided to leave it behind at the last minute. I started regretting it and when I got home I decided to do a bit of research on it. It has a Turner label on it and is from the 70's. Needless to say I went back the following day to get it and luckily it was still there! This one is about 18"X18". It's also a rare occasion for the boy to think one of my finds is cool and this one made the cut.

These are currently in the shop here, here and here.

No you're not seeing double. I found one of the small ones some time ago but the rest are from one thrift store last week. I hinted at them in last week's thrift post. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I saw them on the shelf! While there is much debate about whether or not these are Jacob Bang pieces, I think they are. They are well made and do not have seaming. Later on in the week I went to another thrift with the boy. THAT is a rare occasion. As we were walking around he noticed one of these canisters and pointed it out to me. I said to him "Good eye!" and he replied, " I saw it from a mile away". So humble. It did make me chuckle though. Last night as we were watching a movie he noticed all of the MCM furniture and then commented in disbelief that I've rubbed off on him. Ha!

These will be in the shop soon!

Lastly, my favorite find of the week is this lovely vintage set of Dansk teak salad servers. They appear to be unused and still have the original bag, price and care instructions! They are marked Dansk Designs, Denmark JHQ meaning these were designed by Jens Quistgaard. I was hoping to find the salad bowl that goes with these because it's a looker but we can't have it all right?

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my finds. Have a great week and be safe!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

{Flashback Friday} - Raymor Capri

Last week I shared a snippet of all of the vintage magazines I purchased at an estate sale. I said I would share some of the ads in them. As promised, I am sharing an image for a party chicken salad. When I saw the ad I was overcome with excitement, not because I like chicken salad but because I LOVE Raymor Capri.

This place setting is made up of Raymor Capri items, a design line by Michael Lax for Hyalyn.

Have a Great Weekend!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hunted:: Gathered: 07/14/12

Happy weekend everyone! This week went by without blog posts on my end, however I am happy to announce that they were substituted by a fairly regular workout routine of cycling and weight training. I used to run in my younger days and am now faced with runner's knee as a result (womp womp). Since I can't run, I am trying out cycling and so far so good. I haven't been this sore in years. It's kind of nice.

Well enough about me, let's get on with the thrift share! This week I am sharing both old and new finds.

These beauties caught my eye because of the smoky color and the shape. I picked them up and I was sold. They feel fabulous in the hand. The glass is so delicate and there was a set of four. After some research and help from some twitter folks, these are confirmed to be Holmegaard glasses in the Copenhagen line.

I found these fun enamel plates at an estate sale. I probably paid too much for them but they were just too colorful and cheery to pass up! They'd be great for cereal.

This was the first time I came across a Stavangerflint item. I loved the sweet little illustration by Kari Nyquist. Any golf couples out there?

This diverse set is my thrift haul from this week. There is a little fold-out ruler, a dymo label maker that I've been playing around with, a complete plastic picnic set, a lovely set of vintage napkins, a cute little pottery fish, a plastic Swedish trivet with a design that has been "attributed" to Stig Linberg and one of those wooden drawing mannequins. During all of my years of art courses I never had one of those. I'm always drawn to them and this one had a nice patina so I couldn't resist! I found some more beauties today but didn't get a chance to photograph them so you'll have to wait till next week. (Hint: I mentioned one in this post)

Lastly, I went to a somewhat local estate sale and walked out with a bunch of mid-century magazines. There are a couple of each of these: Sunset, California Home, The American Home and Better Homes and Gardens. See all of the posties? I've looked through all of them and flagged ads and articles that I look forward to sharing with you on the blog bit by bit. My most exciting ad find displayed a set of Raymor Capri pieces used for an ad for food!

That about wraps up my week! I'll be sharing other backlogged items next week because I am going to avoid the thrifts this coming week. We'll see how that goes!

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hunted:: Gathered: 07/07/12

Hello again! I had planned some extra blog posts for the week but I didn't follow through. Don't you hate it when that happens? Hopefully I'll pull them off for next week!

This week I took it easy on the thrifting because of the previous week's finds. I don't want to fall into a hoarder situation. There's a very fine line.(hehe) Instead I spent more time photographing, cleaning, and organizing some inventory to list in the shop. Most of these finds are in the shop and have been in the shop for a while but I never got around to sharing them with you. 

First is this cute Nymolle Cup and Plate set. I love the illustrations on these.

I found this nice little Rosenthal Bleikristall candy dish or votive candle-holder. I didn't know Rosenthal had a glassware line. I'm so used to seeing ceramics that it never crossed my mind.

I found this beautiful enamel on copper plate with a nice swirl pattern in the center. Surprisingly it's in great shape and the back of it is in a pale yellow enamel. 

Don't you just love the textures of Italian pottery? This one is a piece for Rosenthal Netter. I love the contrasting textures, the glossy off-white and yellow glazes with that rough dark clay.

I was happy to add this little guy to my collection. It's been a while since I've found any wooden animals so he was quite welcome in my home.

I bought this because living in the great land of California, we have plenty of oranges all around and therefore fresh-squeezed is the way we do it in my abode. I actually have a glass reamer but the boy doesn't like the pulp! This has been a lifesaver. It's compact and very handy!

Lastly, this was a piece I acquired last week with a set of knit afghans. It was love at first sight. It was from a local auction and I probably paid a bit more than I should have for the lot. What can I say, I got the auction bug. This was before I found the Hudson's Bay blankets and I wanted a striped blanket so bad that I went for it. The lady from the auction house said it was an Irish blanket or tapestry but I really have no idea. It is double-sided, it's not wool and feels a bit rough to be a blanket but too thin to be a rug. It is also twice as long as it is wide (about 54" X108"). Do any of you have any ideas? Aren't the colors great? I plan on using it as a rug for our new abode (if it actually comes through).

So what did you find this week? I'll be linking with Sophie from Her Library Adventures this week.


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