Tuesday, May 17, 2011

{Made} What's the Buzz...

An oldie note-card idea.

so....... what IS the buzz?


  1. Cute pic! And congrats on the move, I've just switched over to following you here now.

  2. So what is it...............the buzz I mean?:) I went through and looked at some of your old posts. What camera do you use, your pics are fantastic!

  3. @SixBallons- Thanks for making the switch!

    @Dhamma- Thanks for the compliment. I must say that there is Photoshop involved in my process because I have terrible lighting in my apartment. I have found one spot that has decent lighting and use white backgrounds because it makes the process easier. I use a small point-and-shoot Panasonic Lumix (it has a great leica lens for being a point-and-shoot) and then I do some photo-shopping similar to that in the tutorial here: http://melissaesplin.com/home/2010/11/white-balance-tutorial/