Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hunted:: Gathered: 05/08/11

This was one of those weeks where my thrifting was all over the map. I bought a couple of bags, some fabric, some prints, some books, some pottery and glass!! Sheesh... what was I thinking?

I found this really sweet Marimekko bag which is actually a piece for Avon's benefit for Breast Cancer from a couple of year's ago. Both my mom and aunt are breast cancer survivors so it is extra special to me.

Is anyone else a sucker for designer labels despite the high probability that they are knock-offs? I know I am. What actually sold me on this item was that it had a little Kate Spade note-card inside with details on cleaning it. 

I have such a soft spot for great line-work and color in illustrations. These next two images are snippets of two prints that I bought at a fundraiser sale for my local art museum. The prints are from a series of 4 by David McCall Johnston. They were commissioned for the 150th anniversary of Jules Verne's birth.  

The image above is a clip from the  Journey to the Center of the Earth print. I can't get enough of those colors, and those details...

The image above is a clip from the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea print. They also had the Five Weeks in a Balloon print but the prices were just a bit on the high side for me. Originally, I was only going to get one but after talking to the boy we settled on two. Both of our favorites.

I don't believe I've mentioned that I adore hippos. I also love all kinds of animals so the book Our Peaceable Kingdom came home with me. Isn't that picture the cutest?

I also found another book that had the most darling block prints. It has sections for the different seasons.

I hope you didn't think that I would go one week without buying pottery cause here it comes...

I found this cool dutch vase with a rough and earthy texture on the outside and a smooth glossy interior. After some research when I got home I found out that the vase is by potter Pieter Groeneveldt and that it dates between 1945-1972. Not bad...

As luck would have it I found another Wiinblad plate at the same thrift store that I found this one at months ago. This one is for the month of July. I just love his illustrations!

Last but not least I found a couple more of Dorothy Thorpe items. I am actually not sure about the plate but the bowl has the same edges as my large marked bowl which makes me confident.

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  1. Golly you have done very well! :) I particularly love the prints!

  2. Oh my, the Journey to the Center of the Earth print is the most amazing illustration I've seen, I love it, wow...!

  3. Some great finds - that Dutch vase maker is new to me. I thought it was a Barbara Willis piece first, before reading the description. And those prints are really amazing - the detail is fantastic!

  4. Those prints are incredible! The details, the colors, the subject matter all come together in the perfect picture! Thanks for sharing =)

  5. I am a sucker for Marimekko! What a great find.. The Wiinblad plate looks a little Gorey-esque, don't you think?

  6. Wonderful finds! I love the block illustrated book especially.

  7. Beautiful beautiful illustrations in those books, and I've always liked that Marimekko design, it looks gorgeous on the bag.

  8. The colors in the first print are AMAZING!

  9. WOW - the detail in those illustrations is amazing! What a great find. :)

  10. @ Lauren, @ Erica Louise, @ Flo, @ Brittany, @ Krissy- Thanks! I must say that I loved the prints as well. My favorite was Journey to the Center of the Earth . Maybe I took a more favorable picture of it as a result. :)

    @ alamodern- I must admit that I had to look up your Barbara Willis reference because her pieces didn't come to mind. It does look like her stuff. This was the first dutch piece I've seen aside from the Delft Bleu so it was a gamble.

    @ Miss Howe's Curiosities, @ Lakota- This was the first time I'd seen anything Marimekko in my neck of the woods so I was really stoked!

    @ grace- The little block print book was too sweet to pass up!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving some love!