Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hunted:: Gathered: 05/01/11

I hope everyone had a great thrifting week. I did not do my usual thrifting rounds this week but I did manage to go to a couple of the usual spots.

This is my loot for the week:

I picked up this Nambe bowl because after seeing many of these in the past and passing them up I finally reached my limit. This one is in need of a good polish but does not have any major nicks and dents like others I have seen. I am always attracted to the modern lines that these pieces have and I love that they are hand buffed and polished. There is definitely an element of craft to their products. 

I also picked up a roll of vintage drawer-liner/ wallpaper that the Nambe bowl is on at a local estate sale. It was only .25 cents. It is pretty thin and almost feels like wrapping paper so I'm not sure what to call it. I think I am going to use it for a small project that I have in mind.

I also picked up two Heller trays designed by Massimo Vignelli. I am not convinced about this purchase but this was actually the second set I found this week. I think it was a case where 4 trays were donated and two ended up in one thrift and the other two in another. I passed them up at the first thrift when I was at the register, I just couldn't do it a second time.

Here is a small enamel plate to match my snowflake one. There is something about enamel plates and cookware that I cannot resist. The fact that it is blue doesn't help either!

Last but not least I found another Iittala piece. This one was designed by finnish architect Alvar Aalto. It isn't in perfect condition but I was too excited to leave it behind. It also has a fused decal on it that I am trying to remove. Luckily it is on the bottom of the piece and is barely noticeable.

I also found a cute Pyrex apple juice pitcher that is currently holding some fresh squeezed orange juice. The boy likes to buy 25lb bags of oranges and we are just two. I decided to make some orange juice with a vintage glass reamer that I recently bought. It has seen the most action out of all of my thrifted/ garage sale purchases!

I hope you've enjoyed my short post. Happy Hunting!

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  1. yours sounds super - loving the enamelware and the blue wiggle - gorgeous!

  2. ALL of your finds are just too spectacular!! goodies like these just don't end up in our thrift stores... i'm guessing they go straight to antique shops here... ah well.
    can still gaze at them, and ooh, and aah!... ;)

  3. Oh I like all of your finds - am definitely sensing a preferene for the colour blue - and whynot -it is a happy, shiny colour!

  4. I always have to do a duble check when I see American see, we rarely get the 'quality' pieces that you guys do. Lucky ducks!Great finds

  5. Awesome finds - I agree w/ the Nambe... I know what it is, but so often it has too much damage. I think I may have passed like 10-12 pieces so far, and only picked up 2-3.

    Hey, I think that enamel plate may be from Hanova. Not 100% sure, but looks like the ones we've found. It's so hard to tell - they mostly only had stickers, and there's no reference on them.

  6. the Nambe bowl...I was just in Santa Fe and went to the Nambe store. I was drooling over everything! Their prices are outrageous, do I'm sure you got a great deal!

  7. I like your finds they are all modern and sleek chic. Normally I don't see these kind of things at the thrift store, more of vintage type. Thanks for visiting my blog btw. I like your blog and style, following you!