Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hunted:: Gathered: 04/10/11

Hey all! I hope you had a good week. Whether it was a good thrifting week, a good goals week, a good reflections week or any other kind of 'good'ness. Here are my finds for the week, I didn't realize I brought so much stuff home but I guess I didn't really realize it because so many items were less than $1!

I started off the week by attending  a community yard sale that I felt obliged to go to. You see, one of the boy's coworkers lives in this community and he mentioned that I may be interested in some of his mom's items. It was his understanding that they were expecting me. Oh boy, what did he get me into. I arrived after a 30 min drive to find that they weren't expecting me. I said hi and looked through some of their things and decided to take a drive around the neighborhood to scout some other sales. That's right I said drive. This sale was in one of those new development communities and there were at least 100 yard sales going on. It was a madhouse! 

Unfortunately for me, most of the items being sold were newer items and there were plenty of kids toys to be had. Not really my thing as I don't have any kiddos. I did happen to walk away with three items from one vendor. She was the only one that really had vintage items.

These two yellow bowls are West German and are designed by Fritz Van Daalen. I was thrown for a loop because it has a label that reads Nicolaus Franz. It turns out that Nicolaus Franz was a distributor. So how did I find out who the designer was? Well, do you see the inscribed mark next to the sticker? It is a small v within a D. I must say that the research gods must have been looking out for me because I stumbled upon this site that helped me immensely.

I also walked away with this Viking bowl that is very similar to their Finnish Crown line, but I haven't been able to find one just like it.

On my way home I passed by a thrift and I found this cute little Henning troll. I don't know if he is missing little black patches on his eyes or if his eyes are supposed to be that scary green. In any case, I knew what this little guy was thanks to Selena at Apron Thrift Girl.

I have also been in the jewelry buying mood and when you can get some pieces for .50, who can say no. I found the serpent pin, the Skagen watch, and the wreath rhinestone pin at a local garage sale for that price! I also thrifted the Very Neumann sheer scarf that they are on. The necklace is one that I may have paid too much for. It is Park Lane and I have no way of knowing if it is new or vintage. I'll just have to cross my fingers on that one. I thought it's Etruscan Revival design was pretty stylish.

I was so close to getting back home when I spotted another garage sale sign. It was later in the day so I didn't think there would be much left but I decided to stop by anyway. There I found this cool Avocado vintage bag for .75! I am planning on using it for my upcoming trip to Florida.

This past year I have picked up some Native American pieces. They all seem to be newer but I still find them to be pretty neat. This one is by one of my all-time favorite Native American pottery makers, the Acoma Pueblo. Here is one of their more striking pieces and while mine isn't as detailed I think it's still wonderful.

Later in the week I found this Sergio Asti for Heller ice bucket. I had walked past it my first time around because I was distracted by a Ruth Reeves tray that I had picked up nearby. Towards the end of my shopping I opted against the tray and I looked around the plastics section more thoroughly. That's when this puppy jumped out at me. Does that ever happen to you? You think you have pretty good skimming skills but then you just walk past something.

This next one is an object that I am often conflicted by. I don't know what it is about the pairing of wood and birds that makes me melt. I just have to pick up these bad boys when I see them. This one is a myrtlewood bird sculpted by E. Orris. I don't know who E. Orris is but he did some work for Seagull Myrtlewood.

I also picked up this piece of Italian pottery. I just loved the texture.

Fondue forks, why do I love thee? I liked these because of their minimalistic design.

Last but not least, my favorite find of the week. I fell in love when I saw the baby rhino sitting all alone on the shelf. I picked him up to discover that he was a pepper shaker. But where is the other one? I looked around and couldn't find another one like it. I kept walking and there, on another shelf, was the mom waiting to be reunited.

Whoever made these is really talented. I adore the subtle yet rich sculpting of the head and body. The texture of the clay is pretty incredible as well. I'm in love. Just imagine these two cuddle-bugs sitting on your dining table. How sweet is that!

This wraps up my share for the week. I also found A LOT of books that I will share during the week, ranging from architecture mags, to quilt books to kids books. Stay Tuned!

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  1. I'm in love with that bag. Such an amazing colour and shape. That bird is also quite special.

  2. yellow bowls, avocado bag, fondue set, ice bucket!
    loving it, loving it...
    happy travels!!

  3. I love every single thing you found especially the Italian pottery, ice bucket and yellow are a lucky girl.

  4. Beautiful vintage jewelry! That necklace was worth whatever you paid :)