Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Recent Trip to Florida

I recently returned from a trip to my hometown of Miami. I went for several reasons. Firstly my mom's birthday was last month and I couldn't make it. It was a milestone birthday. Secondly, my nieces from Jacksonville were going to be in town for their Spring Break vacation. Thirdly, I really needed to see some outdoor wedding venues in person.

I was there for one week and it wasn't nearly enough time. My mom and I were driving non-stop throughout Miami. I did manage to spend some quality time with family friends which is always great. I was also able to appreciate several places that I had never been to despite growing up there. I also went thrifting one day but came back empty-handed. I did however inherit some items which I will be sharing this week.

Happy Weekend!!

Pictured above are Matheson Hammock Park, Bill Baggs State Park, The Barnacle and Cauley Square Historic Village.

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