Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The George Nelson Lamp that wasn't

Over the weekend I went to a Garage/ Estate sale. They advertised it as having a lot of mid-century goodies. When I arrived I didn't see many Mid-Century items. They had a lot of bullet fiberglass planters but they were really bent out of shape. The had a huge advertisement poster which was neat, but much bigger than anything I'd want to bring home. This is the sale where I found the Stoneware Designs West planter.

Well, when I went inside they had a lot of empty boxes and paper strewn around. A mid-century blonde step side table and not much else. The dining area had patio doors that led to the back yard. If it weren't for the reflection on the patio doors I would have missed the George Nelson bubble lamp hanging over my head.

Well, I gasped in shock and jumped at the chance to ask how much they wanted for it. If it was as old as some of the items they had then it could be one of the originals! Unfortunately they decided to keep it.  Bummer. From what I could gather, the guys hosting the sale were grandchildren of the homeowner and they were trying to downsize.

The lamp is beautiful and while it would look spectacular in a mid-century home I think it looks great in the victorian styled home above as well.

Lesson Learned: Look up!


  1. Drat, that would've been an awesome find! I hate when that happens at estates when an item is marked off limits. But I guess I understand if it's sentimental value or something. I came across a Nelson or Neslon style lamp long ago at one of the first estates I ever went to, but it was completely torn up so I didn't get it.

  2. It is a bummer. It helps for me to think that if they weren't holding onto it, it probably wouldn't have been there by the time that I arrived.
    I think that as a result of missing out on that one I just had to get other lamp(s). hehe.