Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Family Vacation Slides

This past weekend I went to an estate sale. I missed out on all of the great furniture they had because I went up to Big Bear on friday. The items available for saturday were disappointing and the items that were desirable did not have a desirable price. As I was on my way out I ran across an old box. A little voice  inside told me to open it. It was a box full of slides. Away went all of my disappointment and everything else I had planned for the day. I just stood there and looked through every slide. The thing is, I love pictures. Even if they are not my own. Friends and family always joke that they somewhat dreaded visiting my house. The first thing I would do was look for a photo album to show them and then make them look through it with me. Weird.
Well, several years later here I am looking through others' photographs. Photographs of strangers who enjoyed life before I was even born. Strangers who have visited places that I have yet to visit. One of them being San Francisco.

After going through the whole box I wound up only getting six of the slides. I chose them because they were great shots of the Golden Gate Bridge. The best part (in my opinion) is being able to date the pictures by the cars on the bridge.

It was a great day to drive in the Bay Area and enjoy some time off don't you think?

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