Monday, March 21, 2011

Hunted:: Gathered: 03/21/11

After my binge thrifting from last week I took this week a little easy. I still managed to find a couple of items which you will see in this post. What you will also see are some items from earlier in the year that I never photographed nor posted. I hope you don't mind. They are still items from thrifts, estate sales and swap meets.
Firstly, I have been trying to stay away from the clothing sections at thrifts. That being said, I saw this cute sweater as one of their rack-end displays and loved the color! It was also in great shape. Maybe I had a little St. Patrick's day in me after all.

LL Bean Sweater

Left: Manchini Vase                               Center: Rosendahl Votives                       Right: Ben Seibel for Iroquois

I found a neat vase with a cool texture in white, the bottom read "Designed by Manchini" . Who is Manchini? No one really knows. If it is by Sablo Manchini, then I have myself a piece by a Mid-Century potter. The center votives are a newer item, but they are Scandinavian, and I LOVE just about anything Scandinavian. They are by the company Rosendahl and were designed by Lin Utzon. The last white item is a creamer designed by Ben Seibel for the impromptu line. For some reason, I am always intrigued by creamers and tea/ coffee pots.

Now I really did not have a need for any more trivets, but who can resist a cute owl. He is only a few inches big, but really cute. I also found a cute cocktail mixer with a design by Georges Briard that reads "The higher you go, the harder you fall. "

There is something about native-american pottery that usually catches my attention. It could have something to do with my fascination of tradition and history or maybe it was just the color and etch-work in this case. This one is marked as a Navajo piece on the bottom. I don't really know much about the different native-american traditions but it was nice enough to bring home. 

              Muncie Pottery?                                                               Oasis Pottery

The item on the left has me stumped. It looks like a piece of older Ohio pottery but I really don't know. It came paired with 3 other items including the one next to it and the ones below. The taller fuschia/ blue vase is a newer item by Oasis Pottery. Aren't those colors amazing?

These two earth-toned pieces are the ones that initially attracted me to the set. The one to the left is attributed to Jens Quistgaard for Nissen. The pattern is called relief. The one to the right has a Toyo sticker and is signed underneath it. I love its proportions. I love how plump the body is in relation to the opening.

The last items I am sharing this week are both Arabia pieces. The one on the left is from the Ara line for Arabia. The one on the right is a salad plate in the Valencia pattern. The beautiful pattern was designed by Ulla Procope. The color is absolutely striking and incredibly hard to capture!

I was a little late in posting this week but I hope you enjoyed some of my latest finds all the same. What did you find?

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  1. Oh I love that blue plate! Lovely pics!

  2. Neat things! That glaze reminds me of Van Briggle pottery on the burgundy/gray (am I seeing those colors right?) with the handles. It is great, and if it is VB-all the better.

  3. @Angie... Thanks!

    @ Lynne... The glaze is a burgundy and light teal/gray. I hadn't thought of Van Briggle and looked into it but mine isn't marked on the bottom. Thanks for looking!