Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wedding on the brain

For longer than I can remember, I always thought of myself of belonging to a generation other than my own. Maybe it's because my mom had me at the age of 40. Maybe it's because figuratively I was an only child. I say figuratively because I actually have three older siblings. MUCH OLDER. I would say that I came as a surprise being that my siblings are 12, 16 and 20+ years older than I am. I am also the only girl.

So as a child I grew up listening to the oldies station on the radio because it is what my mom loved. I watched Golden Girls with her. I learned to knit and crochet. I even took cake decorating classes at the ripe age of 10. I'll also throw in a little astrology (again my mother's influence) and say that I was born an old soul because I am a Capricorn.

It comes as no surprise to me that I would have a deep love for yesteryear's items. It has even leaked into my wedding planning. I hope you enjoy some of my inspiration images as well as my twist for my wedding.

I found these some time ago and don't remember the source :(
I absolutely love the colors in the images above. The greens and blues that I believe are perfect for the boy and I. He has a deep love for the ocean having grown up as an island boy and I have a deep love for the earth.

I love the understated elegance in these settings. Having rectangular tables and burlap table runners are in my plans. I also appreciate the smaller scale flower arrangements that allow for more conversation with those sitting across from you. It also reminds me of an English Garden party which is an idea that I love. It probably stems from having visited several English Gardens and envisioning them in their hey day.

These are some of the vases that I have acquired to date. (I'm sorry for the terrible lighting in my pictures, my apartment has horrible lighting and we don't get much natural light coming through.) It happens that one of the vases that I found is a Tamara Aladin vase for Finncristall. I have been looking for white porcelain bisque vases to offset the color but those are really hard to come by ( at thrifts that is).

Last but not least, my ::DREAM:: dress.

Elie Saab- Spring 2011
This dress is definitely out of reach, but a girl can dream right?


  1. Love the colors! I can see the reception now! You know, if you can't find any white vases, you could probably do pretty well by finding some clear glass ones and spray painting the inside white. You could also do the same for other colors- I bet green and light blue would also turn out well spray painted that way. When's the wedding?

  2. hehehe... funny you should ask. I don't have the actual date set yet! I've just been saying spring 2012 but that is 1 year away! It's just less than motivating to plan a wedding on the other side of the country (florida) without being able to see the venues yourself.
    I've also considered spray-painting some of the vases. I bought a couple of cheap ikea ones (<$1) but I still hold out hope to find white ones.