Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Friday!! Happy Weekend!!

Hey everyone, I cannot wait for this week's thrift-share. I have so many goodies that I can hardly contain my excitement. I may even have to divide my finds into separate posts to keep you in suspense (maybe you guys won't find them to be all that exciting, maybe you will) !! Mainly I am considering dividing my finds because I don't think I'll be thrifting next week due to the stuff I found this week. My poor little apartment can't take it anymore.

I also wanted to share an update from one of the paintings I found two weeks ago, blogged about here. It is the Cristina Marcu painting. I wrote to the artist to get a little more information and to confirm that she in fact painted it. This is what she had to say:

     The painting you bought is titled "Purity" and I painted it in 1998. This painting was one of the series of paintings of my project "Sounds of Color".  Sounds of Color was intended to be published as a children's book about primary colors, poetry and music. "Purity" was one of the paintings which described one of the primary colors, yellow.
... I did live in Los Angeles in 1998 and that is where I painted this piece. Tchaikovsky's  cover for Album for the Young, Op. 69 which is an album  with piano pieces was my inspiration for "Purity."

I also wanted to share what I am going to be doing tonight. As part of my birthday present (mind you, it was a few months back) The boy and I decided that it would be fun to go to a Wanda Sykes comedy show. Last year we had access to some premium cable channels for a promotion and we saw her I'ma Be Me on HBO. We could not stop laughing.  Then at some point last year she was performing near San Diego and the drive would have been pretty long. Well, today she is performing locally at our newly renovated Fox Theatre. I am so excited!

I don't know if you guys will find her to be as funny like we do, but in case you do here is a clip (if you are offended by cursing, please don't watch):

I hope you have some exciting things planned for the weekend!!!

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