Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hunted:: Gathered: 03/14/11

I don't really know if the thrifts this week were filled with a lot of authentic art or if it was my subconscious looking for it but I saw so many pieces that I wanted to take home with me. I did not buy all of the pieces that called my attention but I bought a couple starting with the one below.

Cristina Marcu

This painting called my attention because of the vibrant colors and its impressionistic style. After doing some research about the artist I have learned that she is a practicing artist in Northern California and has had several exhibitions. She is a native of Romania which has influenced here painting palette. She attended USC and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Since I don't live in Northern California, I am assuming that the painting I have must be an early one from when she was in Southern California. However, since we live in a global society that may not be the case. If you are interested in the artist you can get more information about her here

Left: Heinrich Op Art Vase                                       Right: Bjorn Wiinblad for Rosenthal

This week I consider my thrifting to have been really lucky because I usually have a hard time finding bisque items. I found the two above at the same thrift sitting next to each other! They were priced a little higher than usual but since I know they are tough finds I snagged them up. I just love them!

At the same thrift I also saw this blue and green vase. It's a homemade vase but the glaze and the colors made it love at first sight (blues and greens are one of my weaknesses).

Bjorn Wiinblad Nymolle- August

Hey look at that, another Bjorn Wiinblad. Several months ago I passed on two of his decorative plates similar to this one. I visited the thrift repeatedly only to see them there for a few weeks. They were priced high, and I hadn't really started collecting so I let them go. This one must have been hidden in a really obscure place to  resurface this week and the price was reasonable so it came home with me.
I love these plates because the design is so whimsical. They are a series of 12 plates, one for every month of the year. They also feature a young couple in phases of their courtship. How sweet is that?

Richard Saar Bowl
The Richard Saar bowl is from an estate sale held right by my house. I didn't know much about the potter/ artist at the time but it looked atomic/ mid-century and the price was definitely right.

When I arrived with this purchase the boy asked if that was all I found today. When I said yes, he let out a sigh of relief. I think he may be on to something...

When walking around thrifts I usually make my way through the wood section. I bought the vintage tool caddy shown above that  now houses all of my unhung frames and drafting supplies.I also snagged up the cute (needlepoint?) throw pillow. I loved the pattern and the colors so it came home with me.

I also found a teak roll-top organizer for my very unorganized and cluttered home. Makes sense right, buy more things to declutter?

I must have the spring bug because I am finding myself attracted to colorful little things. I bought the sweet stitched tablecloth to use at my {wedding} along with some stitched napkins and you guessed it, another pin.

Sai Hoi Ho

Last but not least I bought a painting by artist Sai Hoi Ho. I absolutely loved the colors and the style of the painting. I have dabbled in painting a couple of times and I just can't manage to let myself be one with the paint. I was amazed by the resulting image achieved through his brush strokes. The painting also reminded me of my trip to Italy where I visited the Gardens at Ninfa. See the similarities?

Those were great times.

I'll be hopping around to check out what you've found. Linking up this week with:

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  1. Wow ... where do you live? I have to try my luck in your op shops because mine feel as thought there's nothing here! LOL I don't know which of yours I like the best.
    My Flea Market Find

  2. I love the painting by Sai Hoi Ho. It's beautiful. I also love the August plate. That is fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  3. @Susan... thanks for stopping by, I actually live in SoCal and this past week I spent an inordinate amount of time thrifting! It's really hit or miss.
    I've heard of some great furniture finds in the land down under...

  4. that saar bowl is super - well photographed too!

  5. i JUST don't know what to say. your taste is breath taking, i kinda wandered through a sublime thriftshop while viewing your image after image. i like the lot, but the needlepoint sticks to me, the paintings do, your research does too, as a matter of fact.
    grand! quite simply.

  6. Great finds—I love everything but especially the green and blue vase (my color weakness too) and the Saar dish. Very cool. I had several of those teak rolltop storage things—had my CD's in them.

  7. Thanks so much @ ♥ woolf ♥ ! I really appreciate it. I love doing research on the items, I like knowing their back-story.

    Thanks @ Carolyn and Stephanie, blues and greens are so soothing aren't they?

  8. Wonderful dishes. I love the plate with the black and white and the solid white.

  9. Love the painting! And your Bjorn Wiinblad plate. I recently picked up 4 BW mugs in like new condition, not even knowing who he was...just thought they were cool!

  10. Those paintings are beautiful. You found some wonderful things!
    I have a weekly thrifty thursdays and would love for you to join up sometime!