Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hunted:: Gathered: 07/23/11

Before I start sharing this week's finds I wanted to congratulate the Aussie's with their first ever Tour de France victory! Cadel did a phenomenal job this year.

Now on to my finds...

I found a sweet little Swedish lady to make sure my little teak man doesn't misbehave. If he does... you bet your brooms she'll whip him into shape ;)

I found a beautiful two-ring Iittala Festivo candleholder with a vintage sticker on it and signed TS on the bottom for Timo Sarpaneva. I have found other ones before but they must be more recent productions because they aren't signed. I also found a vintage Vera scarf with stunning (almost neon) colors!

As luck would have it, at another thrift I found two one-ring Festivo candleholders that were also signed!

I found another magazine/ log rack that is attributed to Maurice Duchin (thanks to Jonathan from One of the legs was slightly bent but after knocking it around with a rubber mallet it now sits perfectly. The top handle looks like brass while the bottom has been painted black. In a few spots you can see the brass peeking through.

I was also happy to find this David Stewart planter. This one is by far my favorite out of the ones that I've found. It seems to be loosely inspired by some of Lisa Larson's figurines.

The colors on this print match the colors of the Vera scarf I found. It is titled Autumn Birches One and is by Calvin J. Libby. He was a prominent New Hampshire artist and even has a memorial scholarship awarded to graduating high school students who wish to pursue arts studies. 

This last little vase is a mystery. At first I thought it might be a Robert Maxwell piece because it is inscribed Max near the bottom but I have been unable to confirm that he ever signed his pieces like that. The clay and the glaze seemed similar to some of his pieces. If anyone has any leads as to who this may be by I'd greatly appreciate it!

I hope you've had a great week and I'll be looking for your finds!

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  1. ooo... love the magazine/log rack thingy and the planter. cool!

  2. Awesome finds - especially the DS cat planter! I've been looking for that one at the thrift, and also the lion one for awhile now. Oh, on the last vase, I'm almost 100% sure that's not Robert Maxwell. He didn't sign like that ever as far as I know (although, since you're in SoCal like us - maybe you can ask him?). Also, the glazed and unglazed portion interface does not seem similar to his style. I could be wrong on that though, heh, you know how it goes...

  3. We would not want the wee man to be lonely! Great buy!!!

  4. Ha, I love the broom lady!

  5. The Swedish lady looks like she could get quite cross if she needed to! I'd love to see a picture of the pair together. =)

  6. Love that planter! It's adorable.

  7. I love those candle-holders! Sadly, we've only found the knock-offs and never the real thing.

  8. i positively love everything you snagged this week. another banner outing!!

  9. I found a planter like yours and knew it was designed by someone special...thanks for the information.