Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hunted:: Gathered: 06/25/11

I wasn't planning on having a themed thrifting week but in the end it turned out to be PLASTICS. I'll start off with my grumpy old man, who isn't plastic, but had so much character that I had to bring him home to join my circus of wooden figurines.

I also found a nice little stepping stool (in the form of dice) because he is a wee fellow. I'm thinking he'll be the ringmaster for my circus of wooden toys.

If you haven't done so already, take a look at the highlight of my week here. After finding the chair I continued to one more thrift where I found a large stash of Heller-ware. It was just one of those great thrifting days.

One of the Heller pieces is a cleverly designed pitcher. I had to take a picture of the top so you could really appreciate the design.

The lid is notched at the top so that you can slip your finger in when pouring so that the lid doesn't fall. I love how it continues the groove of the handle.

... and then here is the rest of the blue stash of Heller. A platter, dinner plates, lunch plates, bowls and cups!

That's not all. Earlier in the week I found a few more dinner plates as well. Sitting atop the plates is a set of espresso cups and saucers designed by LaGardo Tackett for Schmid.

I found a mixing bowl or dough rising bowl designed by Arne Darnell for Perstorp. I love the sinuous shape of the handles...

...and a large Rosti mixing bowl.

I also caved in this week and bought some Pyrex. I was trying really hard not to add another set of items to collect but I couldn't resist. They reminded me of the Copco dutch ovens which I really really love. I was surprised when I turned them over and found that they were Pyrex! So here are my Pyrex Hostess Casseroles.

One of the things I loved the most about this weeks finds were all of the bright colors. They are just perfect for summer! They certainly bring cheer to my home.

I tried to keep it short and sweet this week. I have so many things I need to work on and a friend and I have also decided to hold each other accountable for some design projects. I'll let you know how those go!

Don't worry though, I'll still be popping by to take a peek at your finds!

Pairing up this week with Sophie and Selena and

Sweet Serendipity
I hope you do too!


  1. Interesting comment on those Pyrex Hostess bowls! I think I know the D2, D3, etc. Copco dutch ovens you are talking about and see it now. I saw a beautiful avocado Copco D2 lid at the thrift a couple months ago, but couldn't find the pot anywhere. Grr.

  2. you TOTALLY win the thrifting grand prize this week. good good stuff. those pyrex storage thingies are neato. everything is, really.

  3. wow, quite the finds! i love the heller pitcher... so cool!

  4. Great colours, reminds me of childhood television programmes. The espresso cups (and the photo with them in) are gorgeous.

  5. I'm loving the colours and shapes of your finds this week-- will they be making their way into your kitchen?

  6. Nice. That Heller pitcher is fab!

  7. Awesome finds this week! And the bright primary colors are really great! Kudos!!!
    Cheers ~ Lara

  8. Fantastic finds, as usual! Have been looking for the Heller pitcher for awhile now. Ahh, I see the Tackett is the same design as the ones we found. The dough bowl IS really close to the Hammarplast one we had, I wonder what the story is on that one.

  9. Love the sunny yellow color of the pyrex casseroles. Nice plastics too, been looking for a Heller pitcher like yours. Need your help - please go to my recent post and see if you can identify my chairs :>)

  10. @Sixballoons- Don't you just hate it when that happens! Sometimes I wonder if it would be good just to take the lid home in hopes of finding its partner but that may be a dangerous thing to add to the must-bring-home list.

    @friesinacone- Sweet! Haha. I had never seen pyrex in that style before so it was a nice surprise. :)

    @drew, @Beccalina- Thanks! I was pretty stoked about the Heller pitcher and couldn't stop smiling because of its ingenious design.

    @Lakota, @NowSoLAVintage- Thanks, it was definitely a primary (some secondary) colors kind of week! So simple yet so fun.

    @The Thriftaholic- Yes, some of them have already had their debut. A lot of them are just fostered, very few will ultimately be adopted. :)

    @ALaModern- Thanks! I'm curious about the story too...

    @Jil Casey- Thanks and I hope I was helpful, it's a continual learning process.

    Thanks for stopping by! I truly appreciate your taking the time to leave some love :)

  11. What great finds! The plastics and pyrex are amazing. I just love the colors and how gorgeous yet absolutely useful everything is.

  12. wow I wish our thrift stores here have such exciting homewares. Hehe...the old man makes me laugh... the stepping stool and the colorful pitcher and dinner set is amazing! Why do people give up such beautiful stuff? Thanks for dropping by my blog btw.