Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good Deals

During my scouring of ebay I think I've found a hidden gem. If anyone liked the hippos from my recent finds then you should check this link out! For only one day left the price is low and the number of views is low too. If you bid, let me know how it goes!

and on etsy... I've found a sweet set of what look to be Russel Wright eclipse tumblers. A set of 7 for $40... I think it's pretty good.  I couldn't take the guilt... I told the seller what they had. After all, we all continue to learn in this biz. Sorry folks!

via oldluxe

check it out here!


  1. I think it's good karma you told them - I'm sure it'll come back to you somehow in good fortune, perhaps at the thrifts? =)

  2. I won that hippo! Can't wait for him to show up to catch odds and ends on my vanity.

  3. Awesome!! Just curious, did you find it on your own or through this post? Also, in case you didn't know already, what the seller couldn't read is J V Orel. Don't really know much about him though...

  4. I found him on this post! I'm excited to learn more about the brand. It looks like there are lots of cute zoo animals in this style. I might have to try to stumble across a few more. I wrote a little post about it at and Mary and I are going to put it on the thrift share this afternoon.

  5. Great! The zoo-line animals were designed around the time that Kay Bojesen did his animals but other than that I don't think there is a connection between the two. You should also look at Hans Bolling.