Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hunted:: Gathered: 06/12/11 Part II

Hey thrifting friends, this is part II of my finds for last week. I decided to (try to) take a week off from thrifting but that didn't last the whole week. My poor little apartment needed a break. The boy needed a break too but in the end I am glad I went out! I'll be sharing that next week! I used the time earlier in the week to work on some of the lingering projects that I have. Status on those... still working on them.

Without much ado, here are the rest of my finds:

I found this wonderful abstract exhibition poster for Esteban Vicente printed by the Andre Emmerich Gallery. Andre Emmerich hosted several exhibitions for Esteban Vicente and this one was held in 1965. He was a big proponent of abstract art in New York City and apparently had one of the most extensive archives of the pieces that went through his gallery.

I found a Mid-Century Danish game called Roll-ette. It was designed by Skjode Knudsen. I am missing the rosewood balls that are used to score points for the game but I didn't know what it was at the time. You can read the instructions here. Short end... you spin the rosewood top and score points according to the where the balls fall into.

I went to a local rummage sale where all of the household items were 25 cents unless otherwise marked. There I found this Dansk decanter... and walked out without the teak stopper. The cashier forgot to pack it when she was wrapping up the glass. :( Since it was close to home I went back and they were holding it for me. :)

... and this beautiful combination Salt and Pepper shaker designed by Dan Droz. I originally thought this was just a pepper grinder but luckily one of the ladies behind the pay table exclaimed that it was a combination shaker that was 'very popular in the '70s'.The top piece (that looks like a button at this angle) pops off so you can pour in the salt. The knob on the front pops off for the pepper and voila...

... and this cute little 'feeder' (for people). It was such a charming hand blown piece that I couldn't just let it sit there. I did not know what it was at first but I imagined putting a cute little terrarium in there or even using it as a creamer. Well, after some research I found that it is 'the feeder' (for people). They suggested using it for candy, sugar, peanuts or even as a desk organizer. It was manufactured by the M.E. Duncan Co. You can see the box and other uses for it here. If I had the larger one I would love to use it as a creamer and sugar set. For now it works perfectly with my pistachios, you get the perfect handful.

I hadn't found any more bisque porcelain items in a while so I was pretty excited when I saw this. It is from the Do Not Litter line for Rosenthal. The line also includes ceramic crumpled bags and milk cartons. I think it's pretty clever and the boy happens to like this one too.

... and this sweet little hand painted trinket box that was made in Mexico.

What better than to find a mod brooch to go in the little trinket box. This is a sterling silver brooch by Orb (Otto Robert Bade).

That wraps up my goodies... What did YOU find?

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  1. Wow - spectacular finds as usual! The combo salt/pepper shaker is really cool. I don't think I would've known it was a combo either. I've been hoping to thrift one of the Rosenthal "do not litter" pieces just because people might not know what they were. No luck so far but still hopeful.

  2. Wow-awesome finds this week! Loving the crumpled cup!

  3. I have the same Dansk piece! I purhased mine for $4 and it was new in the box. The box calls it a Carafe and it was designed by Gunnar Cyren, in case you had not already discovered that! I was actually going to take some photos and blog about mine soon...

    Love the clever Rosenthal.

  4. You always find the best stuff (the word stuff is poor way of describing such beautiful things)
    I am very that print.

  5. @ALaModern- I almost missed the Rosenthal piece because it was so dirty and then when I let my eyes focus it hit me like a ton of bricks!

    @NowSoLAVintage- Thanks!

    @SixBalloons- Thanks for confirming the Gunnar Cyren. I kept reading about attributions to him but since I don't have the box I wasn't 100% sure. I was also suspect because it didn't have a GC in the marking. I'll be checking for your post :)

    @Kylie- aww... Thanks! It really has a lot to do with going often. I have regular 'thrifting loops'. Sometimes I'm lucky, sometimes I'm not.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. The stoppered decanter is amazing. You do find incredible, stylish things!

  7. I love the little 'feeder' and the game. Some really unusual items you found. :)

  8. you are an amazing story teller on your finds. i enjoy walking the walk you offer. and you have exquisite taste. very relaxing to look at too. and actually to dream off, into my thoghts of 'one day our house will be filled with finds that now HAVE to stay in removal boxes, but see, this is pure beauty'.
    that is what your pictures, and words, offer me.
    a view.

  9. your little birdie feeder is the sweetest thing, I love it!

  10. Great stuff! I especially like the Dansk decanter and the brooch.

  11. love everything. Makes me wonder why people discard such beautiful things. The feeder is so cute. So is the porcelain can. I can't seem to find anything like these at our thrift stores, they have plenty of clothes though.


  12. My dad had a "feeder" back in the late 60s or early 70s. Now you have me wondering where it has been stored. My parents never get rid of anything.

  13. Super NICE finds - like your photography and all the information.
    Am now following.

  14. Beautiful, artsy finds. I especially love the Rosenthal piece!

  15. @ Max- Thanks!

    @Lady Chiara, @karlyn Jackson, @lost property vintage - Thanks, the little feeder was just too charming! He is so delicate too... He has a safe home for now :)

    @woolf- wow... I am truly flattered that YOU think that. I am glad that you enjoy the items because I see them as little lost treasures myself.

    @tammylovesdishes- Glad you like them!

    @Mongs- I don't understand why people discard some of these things either, but if they don't appreciate them someone will. I'm just glad they are donated for secondhand use as opposed to being thrown away. You do find some wonderful clothing. :)

    @dogsmom- How funny! What did you guys use it for? Hopefully it's still intact somewhere because it is quite delicate.

    @Jil Casey- Thanks for tagging along in my blog journey!

    @Van- Thanks! The Rosenthal is really fun, now if I could only get my hands on the other pieces >)

    Thanks for leaving some love!

  16. Nice thrift store finds. Thanks for linking up to thriftaholics weekly, hope to see you there this week also :)

  17. Can't believe it took me so long but I finally blogged about it at:

    Added you to my fave links sidebar too since your blog is always such a highlight!