Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hunted:: Gathered: 07/02/11

It's that time again! The time when I get to share my treasures of the week. I hope you had a great week and for the americans reading this, I hope you're enjoying the long weekend in celebration of our independence!

In my part of town, summer has definitely arrived! Temperatures reaching the 100 degree mark. Though I don't particularly enjoy the extreme heat, I was inspired by the thought of pleasant and moderate summer outings. I thought a sweet little set of teak snack bowls would be great with a vintage set of Vera Neumann napkins. You can't leave out the pyrex pitcher to be filled with iced tea along with some Dorothy Thorpe style glasses!

How sweet it would be to have this Arabia jam jar filled with something homemade...

If you're into refreshing with something a bit more boozy you can use this little teak guy with a built in bottle opener and corkscrew.

Antonio Vitali- Creative Playforms, Zoo-line? Monkey, Hans Bolling Optimist

If you're in a cooler part of the world, how about you snuggle up with a fun pillow and play some games with family.  Remember... the glass is probably half full!

Blenko Heart Vase

Express your love...

Nambe Heart

... and you'll likely be loved in return.

Jacaranda Hippo made in Zimbabwe

... and well... do some things just because you love to...

See you at Sophie's and Selena's!



  1. Hullo Vintage Scapes - I've got a "strange" alert for you - I just bought one of those teak bird bottle openers recently! Wow, I really need to catch up on some of my finds, including that Dansk carafe that we both have.

  2. oh my, I am loving the napkins, the colours are just gorgoues.

    What wonderful finds you have there. I can only hope to ever get that lucky.

  3. oooo i have a set of snack bowls like that, and i totally forgot about them! i need to bring them up from the basement and have a game night!

  4. that blenko heart vase? i've never seen anything like it. and it is the perfect colour too. well, it is, to my liking... stunning!

  5. Nice finds all around as usual. I need to keep a better eye out for those Creative playthings wood items, know I've probably missed a few. I've only found one of those Arabia fruit jars ever while thrifting, nice score!

  6. love all the wooden stuff-and very jazzy hippo!

  7. all AMAZING finds! Enjoy your holiday, independence is cool.

  8. Another collection of amazing finds! I love the Blenko pieces & haven't seen the heart vase, it's really cool! The pyrex pitcher is great & the pillow...I'll take two please :-)
    Cheers ~ Lara

  9. great finds!

    i recently found a set of those wooden snack bowls. they seem to be everywhere online, lately.

  10. @SixBalloons- Staying up to date on finds is tough! I am a bit behind myself.

    @Amy- I just loved the colors of the napkins too, they're so cheery! Both fortunately and unfortunately I have extra time to go to thrift stores.

    @Rae- I had seen the snack bowls recently on another blog and I thought they were so fun. A week or two later I found them at a thrift store and couldn't resist!

    @woolf- I couldn't agree with you more! The color was striking!

    @ALaModern- To be honest with you, I originally left the creative playthings behind (though I did make a mental note because I love anything wooden) It wasn't until a week or two later that I picked them up from when I originally saw them. Unfortunately there was one more, but I think that one went home with someone else.

    @JeTaimeVintage- Isn't the wooden stuff awesome! Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era. As for the Hippo, well, it was just too fun to leave behind!

    @Estelle- Thanks! May the 'fourth' be with you too! (i think it still applies)

    @NowSoLAVintage- Thanks for the kind words! As for the pillow... THANK YOU for commenting on it. I love love LOVE it. It seems to have been made from an old rug but that's as much as I know about it. :)

    @drew- Thanks! It seems a few people have a set of those but I hadn't been aware of them until recently.

    @lost property vintage- That's exactly why I loved the napkins, they were just so happy and cheery!

    Thanks for stopping by everyone! I'll be checking out your goodies soon. ( a few of my accounts were hacked into so I've been trying to fix the problem, boo for malicious hackers)

  11. um, oh my. you are in one heckuva thrifting groove. i was happy to snag one little dansk cutting board and now seeing ALL your good loot has left me eating a piece of gluten-free humble pie. just outstanding finds yet again! your photos are so good.

  12. The hippo and Vera - oh, my! Great finds!!

  13. Vera! And so many other fun kitsch finds! I've been leaving earlier to brave the heat at flea markets and yard sales here in Florida.

    I like the ones by the beach better, so I can escape the heat after a long week of hunting. I think I'll do that next weekend...

  14. these are such delightful finds, my favorites are the teak bird, heart dish and hippo. The napkins are so pretty too.


  15. @friesinacone- No humble pie for you! You have quite the treasury of thrifted goods, I just happened to join the party a bit late. ;)

    @Jackie K- Thanks you! The hippo was so snazzy and fun that I couldn't resist, its sculpting was filled with so much character.

    @Van- I do love me some kitsch! Oh boy, good luck with the florida heat and humidity... hopefully you fare far better than I did when I lived over there!

    @Mongs- Thanks!