Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hunted:: Gathered: 07/16/11


I must admit that I am a bit behind on sharing my thrifty goodies with you. Some weeks I find so many things that I edit some of the things I share with you and other weeks I find so little that I refer to some of the items from weeks past.

This first set of goodies is from an estate sale from a few weeks ago.

I am always glad to hear about an owner of an estate being alive and well and that they are just downsizing because their kids are going to care for them at their home. That was the case for this estate sale where the little miss was an avid quilter. There was a WHOLE room filled with quilting squares of several shapes and materials. It was a bit overwhelming for me but I stuck it out and came out with some fabric that I can't wait to make something with. The quilting squares that I selected were all corduroy. I couldn't get over some of the colors and patterns!

I also found this sweet vintage watercolor set. Just look at all of those colors!

Also from a few weeks ago is this cute set of Hui-Shan Clay Figurines. I didn't know much about them but they were so colorful and cheery that I couldn't resist. These figurines reflect one of the well-known folk arts of the Wuxi region in China.

These retro bookends were so fun and since I have piles and piles of books they have already been put to good use. The fur that they are sitting on was from the estate sale I went to . I don't normally buy fur but I figured since it was second-hand it was guilt-free... call me crazy...

I know you were probably missing my LP phase... ok maybe not. In any case I found a few awesome albums if I may say so myself. I found another Josef Albers, S. Neil Fujita, Charles Murphy and I don't know the designer of the last one but it's Ella Fitzgerald... and it's cheeky.

This week I found this etching that piqued my interest. I could see that it was signed in plate but couldn't make out the signature. It turns out it is a Salvador Dali print titled Autumn. I know you must be thinking... HOLY $h!t because I was. Well, it was reissued after the original limited edition which is why his signature is in plate and backwards thus making it not nearly as valuable but still pretty cool to me. It is also in a Kulicke frame.

Now for a little glimpse into how I started collecting and picking here in so-cal. It all started with California Pottery. This little elephant is by Howard Pierce who was a California potter based out of Joshua Tree for much of his later career. I have a few Howard Pierce items but this is the best one I've found to date.

Since I do get the occasional vintage pottery bug I wanted to share a Bauer barrel shaker find that matches another one I found way back during my picking awakening. Sitting next to it is a Red Wing Ruffled planter.

Last but not least, in honor of the Tour de France and the boy's obsession with it I found this signed Serigraph by Phil Dynan of the 1986 Tour when Greg Le Mond won. It was the first time an American won the Tour. How cool is that!

I hope you enjoyed my goodies. I can't wait to see yours at Sophie's and Selena's!


  1. great finds! i love the record covers.

  2. Oh wow, the HP elephant is quite a find! I haven't found too much Pierce in thrifts ever - though when we do, it's usually the geese or other birds. Did you ever get a chance to go to Joshua Tree to check out the Pierce stuff? We went awhile back..

    Funny, I think I had those bookends in the past!

  3. What amazing finds! I love the TOur DF print.. and those FABRICS!! Swoon! I love that paint set. Nostalgia trip!!

  4. Nice finds, like the graphics on the record covers and that Dali print - wow!

  5. Yep. Of course I enjoyed your treasures, they are all so lovely, lovely that I can't even pick a favourite!

  6. Love the album covers--I keep expecting to find some similar ones but so far no luck!

  7. I quite honestly love it all. "Nice finds" doesn't even begin to cut it.

  8. wow! what great finds! all of them unique in their own way!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  9. Salvador Dali? Not something you come across every day!
    It's a beautiful print too.

  10. It's hard to pick a favourite, but I love your album sleeves (as always) and that Tour de France poster.
    Lovely graphics, as usual!

  11. Great finds! I love all the fabric and looking forward to seeing what you make with it!

  12. What wonderful finds and how lovely to find out some history too. I often pick up records too for their covers or the old Disney ones with their books attached - I am yet to find a record player I love. I agree with the fur thing and just had the same dilema recently whilst trying on a stunning vintage fur coat - my thoughts are that vintage is ok, no point them going to waste. :)

  13. wow, wow, wow. i don't know where to start, apart from the fact that your finds are amazing and there isn't one i wouldn't have bought myself. the chinese figurines, the watercolours, the little cute elephant, the pottery, and...of course for me...the best is that tour de france serigraph, love it! fantastic finds, well done! xx

  14. love the dali print, how wonderful!

  15. @drew- Thanks! I seem to have amassed quite a few albums and am thinking maybe they would be a cool gift for one of my nephews.

    @ALaModern- I was really happy to find the elephant, I've only ever found quails. I actually found it at a small swap meet. Sadly I've only been to Joshua Tree once and it was before I knew of Pierce.

    @OpShopMama- Thanks!The TdF print was a fun find especially since it is currently going on. :)As far as the fabrics, it was REALLY hard to leave some behind. They were selling them by the bag so whatever could fit in a bag was $1!

    @JilCasey- Aren't the graphics awesome! I was awestruck with the Dali print :)

    @Kylie- Thanks so much! Glad to see you commenting again ;)

    @collage whirl- Searching for album covers can be hit or miss, especially when many are in poor condition. You may have some luck at thrift stores around you that aren't as 'good'.

    @Vic- I'm flattered... thanks so much! I was watching Confessions of a Shopaholic and was becoming concerned... hehe.

  16. @The Joyful Thrifter- I agree... my finds were pretty diverse this week but I just like so many things that it's hard to focus on just a few things to collect.

    @lost property vintage- I know!! I think since the signature is backwards it helped. I wasn't going to pass it up anyway because I love finding etchings.

    @custardino- I do love finding fun graphics. It started because I wanted to refer to them for inspiration and now... well... it may have turned into something else!

    @Sam Findlay- Thanks! I was thinking of making some folding books or even journals with the fabrics because they are sewing free. I don't have a sewing machine but am slowly realizing that maybe I should invest in one.

    @Allana- hehe... my sentiments exactly about the fur! It'd be a shame for them to be dumped somewhere.

    @Florence- Thanks so much! I really liked the graphics on the TdF print. I looked into the artist's work and am glad the graphics on this one were simpler and very retro!

    @sascedar- The Dali print was definitely sweet and whimsical. Thankfully not as surreal as some of this other pieces. :)

    Thanks for stopping by everyone! I truly appreciate your lovely comments.

  17. Great finds. My favorite is the artist pallet. Think it brings back memories.

  18. Wow! Hard for me to choose a favorite! I love the little dolls! Their colors are just fantastic. And the red bookends. Wonderful! The LP jackets would make really great wall art!

  19. I think the dolls are so fun and of course I can never seem to get enough vintage fabric. happy to have found your blog.