Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Aloha Friday...

Lava flow on the Big Island

Here's hoping that it doesn't get THIS hot!

Have a fabulous friday and weekend!


  1. What a sight. I've never been to Hawaii but am fascinated by the geology created from the volcanic events!

  2. Today in eastern Wisconsin it almost feels that hot. I'd rather be in Hawaii.

  3. @SixBalloons- It was very fascinating to hike through miles and miles of dried lava and to think that it is how land mass is aggregated to the island... just crazy!

    @dogsmom- I've never been to Wisconsin but I think Hawaii would be the better option of the two. ;) I always forget how HOT it can really get until it just smacks you in the face in the summer. Luckily this week is a bit better than last...