Sunday, February 13, 2011

Is it wrong to want a chair that costs upwards of 10K?

Ever since I saw this chair I have envisioned having one in my *future* nursery. Goodbye unstylish gliders, hello Papa Bear Chair. I mean, even its name suggests something warm and fuzzy. Sure it may get spit-up all over it which will pain my heart, but I just really really want one. Kind of how I really really want a job already.
Image: 1st Dibs- Converso

I actually saw one yesterday at one of the Mid-Century modern boutiques in Palm Springs and told the boy of my plans to have one in our *future* nursery. He saw the price and couldn't contain himself. Then after a little while he reasoned and said... "I guess it's not that bad if you really think about it, I mean I just bought a $4K bike." I jumped on it and said, "yeah it's not that bad especially since we would keep it for our lifetime." (smiley face) He then followed with, "why don't you get a job already so you can buy it?" (proceed sad face)

Anyhow, If I were ever to find one in the wild, I would probably keel over. Kind of like I did when I found my little duckies, but at a much grander scale.

The story of my little duckies is as follows. I decided to wake up early one day to check out a *not so local* swap meet. (It usually has a pretty small turn out and since having found the duckies I haven't found anything else worthwhile.) I was just strolling on by when I noticed these two wooden duckies sitting atop of an old toaster. I looked around in disbelief, I skimmed the rest of this space and realized that the seller must have just stumbled across these at an estate sale or some random and obscure thrift store that collector's haven't found. I had an idea of what they were because I had been coveting these little duckies for a while, but retailing for a couple of hundred dollars I couldn't justify buying teak ducks that would just gather dust. I walked over to them, picked them up, turned them over, and was excited to find the Hans Bolling imprint on both! Trying to contain my excitement I asked the seller how much she wanted for them. When I heard $5 I couldn't whip out my cash fast enough! I even had to ask if it was for both or just one! She must've thought I was crazy to want them. They now sit proudly in my bookcase, gathering dust in all of their glory. The boy wants me to sell them, but I repeatedly tell him that these I can't let go. I consider them my introductory lesson (pun intended) into the world of Mid-Century goodness.


  1. I've enjoyed your blog and love your style. I too have found treasures like your beautiful ducks. Hans Bolling ducks at a bargain price are still on my list of things to find and I know if I search long enough some will come my way. If I worked a few more hours instead of hours searching markets, garage sales and op shops for treasures I know I could pay the full price for these collectables; but that just wouldn't be fun. It's a bit like the difference between going fishing and going to the fish shop. I have just started a blog listing some of my finds .
    It is good to see others find a jewel. There is a Papa bear chair out there somewhere looking for you.
    Thanks for your blog.

  2. I covet both the chair and the ducks, you have 1 out of 2! My hunt goes on! Your a lucky ducky :)