Monday, February 21, 2011

Houston... I have a problem

This week was a good week in terms of selling a few special pieces and then buying many more. Sure, the goal is to make a little money, but who can help but spend it once you have it? I surely can't. This week as my thrift-share I have some thrifted items and a few swap meet ones.

For starters I picked up my very first Cathrineholm piece. I had been searching high and low for one and *BAM* there she was right before my very eyes. I wondered how long she'd been sitting there because I hadn't been to this particular thrift in well over a year. I had to look around for the matching pieces and couldn't remember what else came with the set, it turns out I am missing the burner.

On friday I had set my mind to attending my first storage auction. The boy decided to come with me. We didn't bid on anything, but it was a good experience. I just wanted to get an idea of what was out there. The cheapest locker sold for $20 and it contained a whole sofa set.  After the auction we hit up a nearby thrift and I left with the retro print, Franciscan starburst saucers, and a Russel Wright for Steubenville Vegetable/ Baker set. ( I don't know about you guys but the Russel Wright reminds me of the flying nun.)

I also picked up some jewelry pieces, which I normally don't look for but sometimes a little sparkle just catches my eye. Take a look at these vintage Givenchy earrings, they are in very good shape and still have the rubber backing. One thing that I found curious was the logo on the clasp/backing. Imagine walking around with the Givenchy logo imprinted on your ear...

I decided to swing by a local swap meet on sunday just because I hadn't been in several months. I was pleasantly surprised despite the massive puddles throughout because of the rain that we had in previous days. There I found a vintage rug, which according to one dealer is from Iran and is about 70 years old. I also bought a Wirkkala for Rosenthal vase just because I wanted one and the price seemed fair. It was more than I usually pay for a piece of pottery, but I thought it was special. I also picked up the little silver-plated Dansk bunny, I don't know why but I cannot resist little metal creatures.

Last but not least... more jewelry! I don't know what I was thinking, this dealer must have been a used car salesman in a previous life because the only reason I kept looking and buying was because he kept chatting. I couldn't walk away. I could have done a lot of damage but luckily for me it was early in the day and I was being cheap. I ended up buying two rings from him, two rings that I bought for no reason especially since I'm not into jewelry... yet. These are the two rings that I bought from him for $2 and $3 respectively.(the bunny came in handy for these) I ended up liking the first one so much that I wore it on my drive home.

I hope you enjoyed my week's findings as much as I did. I'll be hopping around some of your blogs (thanks to ATG) to check out yours.

(btw. sorry for the awkward formatting, it's a work in progress)


  1. Those rings are fab! What swap meet do you go to where you can find things so cheap? The bunny is great. I didn't know that Dansk made little animals.

  2. I went to the Long Beach Antique Market because it is closer to me and more manageable than Rose Bowl. Funny thing is most of the LB dealers have spaces at the Rose Bowl as well. I guess I just get overwhelmed at RB.
    The cost for spaces at LB is less so I think you get more first-time/ one-time sellers thus creating lots of opportunities for great deals.

  3. The bunny is my favorite item. I don't follow labels and name brands much. I buy what catches my eye. But the rings were inexpensive enough for even someone like me to have looked and be tempted.

  4. I am guilty of being a label lover. I don't always do it on purpose, it just helps me justify my purchasing sometimes especially since I see it as an investment (I plan on reselling at some point this year). The bunny caught my eye and funnily enough I initially thought it was a nail remover because it looks like that side of a hammer (I don't know the technical name for it). When I picked it up is when I realized it was a dansk item.
    I have a lot of things both with and without labels, my problem is that too many things catch my eye! Hence the need to start selling 'cause realistically my shopping habit isn't going to change any time soon... hehe