Friday, February 4, 2011

Gocco Love....

When I was recently engaged I became obsessed with wedding websites. Two of them being Style Me Pretty and Weddingbee. While perusing through the latter I learned about a nifty little printing machine known as the almighty Gocco. A nifty portable silk-screening machine that was no longer in production. NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION.... but I just found out about it!! How can that be? Well, I managed to get my hands on one locally with a decent number of screens, bulbs and ink. I couldn't have been happier! Well, then I started looking for gocco prints and compiled a long inspiration list. The Gocco was getting dusty just lying around. Thankfully my niece's birthday was coming up.

 Lo and behold my first gocco print.

It was my niece's 15th birthday, which in hispanic culture is a big deal. Very much like a Sweet 16th mixed with a coming of age debutante ball. A time when a young girl gets introduced to society as a young woman. I chose a peacock because they symbolize knowledge, kindness and the ability to thrive under adverse conditions.


  1. Wow, that's an awesome print! I'll have to investigate these Gocco machines.

  2. Thanks! You should check them out, they're sweeeeet! Apparently they're not nearly as messy as regular screenprinting.