Monday, February 14, 2011

Hunted::Gathered: 02/14/11

Alright... I've made it to post #5 for 2011. That's already 2 more than 2010. I'm off to a good start. Last week I didn't do a thrift-share monday because unfortunately there was nothing to share. This week is a little different. Not great, but better. I'm also including estate sale finds in this post.

I found a campaign style dresser which I have been looking for in a fun yellow. It needs some work but I couldn't pass it up. A few weeks back I missed out on Dorothy Draper dresser which broke my heart. This dresser patched up the wound just a little bit.
I've also been looking for native american textiles so when I saw this small rug I couldn't pass it up either. It is in the kitchen for now. I also found a vintage Bamboo ottoman/stool that I want to spray paint. I originally wanted to paint it a mustard color but now with the dresser I'm thinking maybe a fun split pea green. If you look closely there is also a little planter which I believe to be a David Stewart planter for Lions Valley. I had passed it up weeks ago and figured it wouldn't be at the thrift anymore but to my surprise it was, and at 50% off no less.

Last but not least I found some more vintage costume jewelry for my bouquet. Behind it is a small piece of fabric that I found that is just large enough to make a round cushion for the bamboo ottoman/stool. Now if only I had a sewing machine...

(if you made it over here please don't hold it against me that I misspelled my own blog name in the link... I am having all kinds of issues today!)

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