Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hunted:: Gathered: 09/04/11

Hey all! I'm a bit late to join the party but I was pooped yesterday and didn't get around to taking photos of my goodies. Yesterday was a pretty good thrifting day... so good that I made two thrift runs! I had planned on only going to one thrift in the morning and then catching up on other things... well, I was so happy with my finds that I decided to push my luck and see if it would continue elsewhere. So here are my goodies from yesterday...

Take a close look at this bowl, at first glance it looks like Cathrineholm. However, it is plastic. This bowl was manufactured by Deka Plastics in New Jersey in the popular lotus pattern for Cathrineholm. It matches my Cathrineholm Dutch oven find from months back. I also picked it up because I wanted to learn more about it. I was completely unaware of a plastic version.

Yesterday I decided to go through the utensil bins and I found a cool cheese planer. It is vintage but in great shape. It was made in Sweden by Karlsson and Nilsson.

This vase has a funny story. Yesterday was not the first time I saw it. The first time I saw it I thought it might be Scandinavian but I wasn't sure. As usual, I snapped a picture of it on my phone and forgot about it. I decided to look through my pictures when I was at home and did a little research. I found out that it was scandinavian... now if I could only remember which thrift I saw it at. Well, we were reunited yesterday. It was half off too! In case you're wondering, this is a Piippu vase and it was designed by Aimo Okkolin for Riihimaki.

How about this cute Vera scarf... I thought the subject matter was too cute.

These are a set of crystal votives that were also around last week at the thrift. I had to snag them up this week. My self- restraint only goes so far! They are in the Sunflower pattern made by Kosta Boda.

I don't know about you but I often overlook items at the thrift. I bring some things home but everyday is a learning experience where one thing gets added into my design vocabulary. For instance, the bowl above had a tag dating it to July. It's been sitting at the thrift all this time... being overlooked by collectors and casual thrifters. I had this bowl along with another one and in my gut I thought they were Iittala. I started looking at the outside of the bowl for a clue from its manufacturing process. This one seemed similar to the Festivo candlesticks that I have. My gut was right! It is the Solaris design by Iittala designed by Tapio Wirkkala. It is no longer in production. Yea!

I like that the pattern looks like radiating rays of light... now if only I could get my hands on some Ultima Thule... I may have to resort to bartering.

Now for my favorite find of the week... just look at that lip for a clue. I saw that lip out of the corner of my eye sitting at the back of the bottom shelf. Luckily for me I was kneeling down to take a look at another item. I knew right away what it was but to be sure I had to turn it over.

Voila! It's an Eva Zeisel platter for Hallcraft. The perfect addition to my current set. I didn't have this size platter so I HAD to have it. It has a chip on the bottom but since I haven't seen any Eva Zeisel in ages I bought it anyway, especially since it matches my existing set. So there you have it, my finds for the week.

I also wanted to thank Ruth Kelly at Dian's Timpanalley for awarding me a blog award. Stay tuned this week to learn seven things about me.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!

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  1. i love your amazing research into these items! that plastic cathrineholm is gorgeous.

  2. I have a very similar vintage cheese planer, but mine is Selandia from Norway. The area above the blade is just a bit more rounded than yours, sort of clover shaped.

    Beautiful blue vase!

  3. Nice finds as usual - love the subject matter on the Vera scarf. Oh yeah, the pseudo-Cathrineholm Deka plastic bowls - we found one too earlier and haven't been able to figure them out either.

  4. I am always envious of the lovely things you find...

  5. LOVE the Catherineholm (of course) & that scarf with the dogs! Great finds!

  6. Heh, it's raining cats and dogs! The glass design on the bowl is wonderful.

  7. ooooh, the orange plastic catherineholm like bowl, oooh.... how cool! i love it, it's different and yet just the same in a way, it adds interest. nice.

  8. I love the orange bowl and that Vera scarf is freaking gorgeous!

    E :)

  9. I would have bought everything you did. Best Vera Scarf ever!

  10. ha! interesting on the catherine holm!

    oh, and on the subject of overlooking? i have just the opposite idea!! the names and beauties YOU unearth in op shops? i wish i was that clever, and attentive, and informed. which is why i love stopping here! ...

  11. I love the Catherine Holm bowl! I'm not usually all that drawn to Vera scarves, but I love the cats and dogs on yours!

  12. I didn't know the Holm design was done in plastic by anyone, either -- how cool is that?! I love your Vera scarf and am coveting it!!!!

  13. Amazing finds! I have that candle holder too (gift), but didn't realize it was Scandinavian - which is somewhat sirprising since half my house has Scandinavian decor.

    Love the faux Cathrineholm and that it's orange!

    I found some goodies this weekend too (already posted), and I feel the same way you do about luck. When I have really good luck in one thriftstore, I feel like I need to keep going to others before my luck runs out ;-)

  14. The Vera scarf is lovely!!! Great finds! I would say a definite score!

  15. I have that same Vera scarf - I love love love it - such a very fun find! Mine no longer has the label and I was wondering if yours does, and what the fabric content is.. I am guessing acetate or polyester?

    1. Mine doesn't have the label either but it is some kind of blend.