Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hunted:: Gathered: 09/25/11

I can' believe it's fall already! When did that happen? My colorful finds this week are an indication that I am in absolute denial. I am also excited to be going on a mini-vacation later in the week. The boy and I are going on a road trip to Santa Rosa. He's been training for Levi's Gran Fondo and has been talking about it for months! We're going to milk it for all its worth and are going to see as many sights as we possibly can. Can you believe that we have yet to venture north in our years here in Cali...

Anyhow... let's get on to the real reason of why you're here: thrift goodness!

In all of my time thrifting this was the first time I've found a Michael Lax Copco kettle. Crazy isn't it? It's in pretty good shape except for a couple of chips in the enamel on the lid.

This next piece is a bit tricky... it's looks almost identical to an Oiva Toikka glass in the flora pattern but it doesn't have the daisy imprint on the bottom. This was actually at the thrift several weeks ago along with many others but I chose not to get them. This time around there was only one and I couldn't resist. It's sitting on a lovely teak end-grain cutting board/ cheese tray by Selandia. You can never have too many of those lying around... hehe.

I've passed on a couple of these Blenko water jugs in the past but the price was just irresistible this time around! Isn't the color great too? I also found another vintage Diane von Furstenberg scarf. This one has a neat butterfly print.

How great is this mid-century style print? The colors and shapes are fun and lively. I don't know a lot about it other than that it has some batik elements. It isn't signed and it has a couple of tears but I find it to be stimulating so it came home with me.

Lastly, I found a Krenit-style oblong bowl. I recently found some signed Krenit bowls which was great for comparison and I don't believe this find to be one. Everything looks almost identical but there is a big difference in the weight of the bowl. I'm thinking it may be a Normann Copenhagen repro. I also snuck in a Freeman Lederman creamer that I found, I've seen it attributed to Kenji Fujita but it isn't marked so on the bottom. 

I'll be linking up to Sophie's and Selena's. 

Also, stick around this week for a brief update on my table project!
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  1. That kettle is a beautiful red. I also like the print; I would hang it up in a second!

  2. Great find on the Lax kettle! I found a bunch early on, but haven't come across any for awhile now. Nice you're visiting up north, we stayed in Petaluma several years back for a wedding. Thrifting and antiques not so good there, I think we had better luck in Sebastopol and surrounding areas. But could also be we didn't know much back then.

  3. Wow, some beautiful things there. We just don't get this kind of quality item in our charity shops. At least not that I've ever recognised. The kettle and print are gorgeous and I'm also taken with the crockery - very stylish.

  4. Wow, that Copco ML kettle is amaaaazing in red. The teak handle looks to be in such great shape! I've got to rub some mineral oil on mine and spruce it up.

  5. Love, love, love that print! Nice kettle too. But that print...sigh.

  6. if you ever decide to sell that tea kettle, ive been looking for one in red.... melmarzahl @

    1. Hi Mel,

      Unfortunately I recently sold the tea kettle in my Etsy shop. Feel free to take a look and see if anything else interests you or let me know if there is something you'd like for me to keep an eye out for .(

      I have plenty of inventory left to list.