Tuesday, May 29, 2012

{MADE} :: Craigslist Mood Board- Bedroom 1

Hey lovely readers! I've been meaning to do something like this for a while and I finally got around to it. It should come as no surprise to you that I love to shop. Not only do I love to shop, but I love a great bargain. I spend countless hours scouring craigslist, etsy, ebay, thrift stores and estate sales. This has gotten worse since we are house hunting and putting offers on homes. I am naturally a dreamer so I can't help but plan for our future home. Also, since I can't buy everything I like, I would love to share with you some of the lovely pieces I find.

While I wish I could do this on a weekly basis, it takes quite a bit of time to photoshop the items. I'll just say I'll do these when the mood strikes. However, if these posts gain popularity, I may make it a regular feature. Just leave me a lovely comment if the mood strikes you. :)

Alas, this is my first vignette. If you have any constructive feedback, I am all ears!

I feel this set has a balance between feminine and masculine items. Most of these items can be found in my local craigslist ads except for the paint color (Sherwin Williams' Reflection), white wood floor and the lovely woodblock print. (The woodblock print is a thrift find that I have yet to share with you... sshhhhh)

Brass Double Bed Frame: $75
Painted Dresser: $100
Pottery Barn Dhurrie Rug: $450
Wood Chest: $150
Tripod Lamp: $85
2 zGallerie Ikat Pillows: $45
Horseshoe Planter : $40
Brass Mirror: $250
Total: $1195

I know the rug and mirror aren't total bargains, but you get the idea right?  There are a couple of new Ikea rugs that could be swapped with this one and would be half the price!

While my home currently has a lot of Danish Modern items. I do love a warm, cozy and eclectic room. I was inspired when I saw the brass double bed. One thing led to another and I couldn't stop picturing all of these items together for a room. I have other pieces that didn't make the cut for a bedroom but they may work for an office/ craft room. I think that the brass bed and the lamp are total bargains. Don't you agree?


  1. ha! my favourite vintage spot-on-the-net. hello! let me stroll here a little.

    first impressions? GREAT photoshop of your thrifted goods! i attracts me, this collection and the positions. it is alive, which is what it needs, i think.

    i know a few actions by heart on photoshop and i'm slowly, gradually getting the hang of more, but i catch your drift. totally. i think you may have learned me something here, because i've looked up vignette and it does appeal to me. but oi. now find the time, hey?

    anyway. thumbs up, you know.

  2. Love your choices! Great colour scheme too.