Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hunted:: Gathered: 05/13/12

First and Foremost, I'd like to wish a Happy Mother's day to all of the lovely mothers reading this. You are truly appreciated each and every day!

This week I continued to not have much luck at the thrifts but I did manage to swing by some antique malls that had fairly priced items. Thanks to some #thriftbreak folks I pulled the trigger on some of the antique store items despite the higher than usual (for me that is) price tags.

This beautiful set of china was my only thrift find this week. It has a really nice detail and looks very  much like op art porcelain bisque items. This is the Arcta pattern designed by Richard Scharrer for Thomas Germany. These are in the shop already.

I picked up these mod style candle holders at a local estate sale. I love their atomic shape!

This is one of the items I picked up at an antique mall. I took a picture with my phone because I was captivated with the color of the glaze. I left it behind along with another ikebana because of the price tags.

Later in the day when I was at home I decided to start doing some research on the items. These pieces were done by notable Chicago potter Edna Arnow. I started chatting with fellow #thriftbreak-ers who knew more about the artist. Since I had already decided I was going to trek back to the antique store I knew I had to take another look and see if the price was right.

The reason I had decided that I was going to go back to the antique store was because of these beauties. This was the first time I've come across birds by Oiva Toikka. The one on the left is the Common Bullfinch and has a beautiful subtle orange sheen on the red chest. The one on the right is the Baby Crow. The price was a bit steep for my taste but once again the #thriftbreak folks on twitter saved the day and convinced me that the price was definitely right.

All in all I spent a little more than I usually do but I think the items were well worth it. I'll be linking up with Sophie and Selena on this beautiful Mother's Day.


  1. The Toikka birds are a wonderful find. I had the pleasure of accidentally meeting him when my husband and I were visiting the Design Museum in Helsinki. It just so happened that he was on site doing some minor adjustments to his exhibition that had just opened. He was a lovely, generous man. He sat down and spoke with us and even signed a few books. I'll never forget it!

  2. I just started collecting pottery and since I live in Chicago I was happy that you shared information about Edna Arnow! I frequent thrifts/estate sales in the neighborhoods where she sold her pottery so I hope her pieces will turn up on one of my #ThriftBreaks soon. :) The Toikka birds are spectacular too, they kind of remind me of Charley Harper illustrations.

  3. I always look for the Toikka birds when thrifting. Haven't found any yet, even in antique stores, but your post gave me some hope!

  4. I am glad you went back for the birds and the pottery, definitely worth it! Are you listing them in the shop? Like Bryan, I hope to find the birds at some point.