Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hunted::Gathered: 04/29/12

Hey all, in case you haven't noticed, I'm running a bit late this week. I had a couple of nice finds this week but nothing like some of my fellow thrifters. I did a couple of my usual loops but my mind is cluttered with things I need to do so my junkin' heart has not been at ease. Now that I've started listing things on Etsy I've realized how much I need to list... and it's a lot! I also find myself not picking up some of the things I normally would, for instance I passed on a nice dish set by Thomas of Germany in the Arcta pattern. It's still nagging me and if it's still around this week I may just pick it up, but the thought of picking up more dishes kind of drains me.

On a positive note, I had what I consider to be a good week on Etsy. Sure the things I sold were small, but it felt nice. I'm going to try to devise a system of photographing, editing, listing, etc. so that I'm a bit more efficient 'cause otherwise it takes so much time! Any experienced sellers wanna share some quick tips?

Alright, so on to my finds:

I like to call this selection sea and sand. A few nice blue hues paired with some earthy tones. From left to right is a Pottery Craft vase, a UCTCI vase (i think), and a lone Heath cup. I don't usually like to pick up lone cups but the color was too pretty!

There was just something about this planter. It is a Takahashi wall hanging planter but I loved the hanging cord and the overall feel of this piece.

What's not to love about this little doggie paper sorter? I've come across these before but in black, I couldn't resist this brassy one.

My heart nearly stopped when I saw this piece. I missed out on one at a recent estate sale and although I think this is a repro (it's marked Taiwan), it's still awesome and heavy as all heck! These pieces are often attributed to George Nelson but it appears that the designer of this piece is more than likely Bill Curry for design-line.

Lastly, I had to pick up these pieces of fabric. I try to stay away from this because I don't sew but these proved to be too fun to pass up. The one on the left has a great gold print onto a rich purple and I already have DIY's in mind for it. The center one has a great pattern and vibrant colors for summer. The one on the right also got me with the colors, just so fun!

I have some catching up to do in another blog post about some Liebster awards (don't worry, I haven't forgotten) so stay tuned this week for my passing of the baton to 5 lucky bloggers!

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  1. I should really buckle down and list more too - instead of going on more extended thrift trips. So difficult to have the willpower though! I've never come across the metal jacks pieces yet, repro or not - cool find!

  2. Once I started selling and packing orders, I became a bit more selective. I have a hard time passing on great items, but I just don't want to deal with large sets of dinnerware or large cooking pans. No MORE! My routine involves photographing a manageable group of items (I lost my camera a while back with a lot of my store images on the card!) I edit the images all at once, and I try to list in small groups of three or four every other day. I sell more when I list more... and I do not have a lot of space for inventory, so I have to get it listed to store it and get it out of the way!
    Good luck,

  3. I love your finds this week...the pottery trio is lovely and the brass doggie paper sorter is so cute! My Etsy method is to measure/record (date, price, etc.) a group of items one evening; clean/polish/prep them the next evening, and then photograph them all in a group on the next sunny day. Like Mid Mod Mom, I try to work in manageable groups or else I find myself burned out halfway through the process. I also have a full time day job, so I have to be strategic about when and how much I work on at a time. Good does get easier and quicker!

  4. Yay fabric! I often can't resist, and now I have too many ideas. Found some Marimekko fabric yesterday! I love the blue pottery collection, the pieces look so lovely together.

  5. IN LOVE with that takahashi hanging wall planter. great find. so original (at least i've never seen anything like that.)

  6. You have such great pieces that I'm sure you'll have no problem selling them! Since you ask for tips, check out this running series on Design Sponge specifically for women running their own businesses:

  7. That doggie paper sorter is awesome!! So cute!! I'm going to have to come back and read the comments about becoming more efficient with Etsy. I could use some help as well!

  8. the giant jack is awesome! great find! and the fabric is cool, too.