Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Feelin' Crafty!

Do you sometimes get a vision or an itch to make something? I know I do.

I was thrifting the other day and came across a couple of vintage children's books. I fell in love with the illustrations and thought I could use them for something else. I spent an hour or so cutting out pages from the books. I've never done this before and felt a little bit guilty. However when you know that a book is just going to sit on a shelf it doesn't bother me so much that I repurposed it.

I have tons of colorful cardstock at home and wanted to back the illustration cutouts with them. I went to Michael's to buy some spray adhesive and came across a stamp that read "Thank You for your gift" in their dollar bins. In those same bins they usually have some ink pads so I bought two of those too. Michaels' is a dangerous place for me so I had to get out of these ASAP!

I came home and started printing, adhering, cutting and stamping away. I probably should have spent the time listing items for the shop but when I am on a mission, I am on a mission. I was partly inspired by the realization that I hadn't made little thank you notes to go into my Etsy packages. I had long considered doing moo cards but this won out instead.

For those who are curious about the lovely illustrations, the book is Attic of the Wind by Doris Lund and illustrated by Ati Forberg.

So have you been crafty lately?