Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hunted:: Gathered: 03/10/12

Luck be a lady...

This week's common thread is that all of the pieces featured were carefully crafted by lovely ladies. Coincidentally, this week we had International women's day. Hurrah for women!

While I am not 100% sure, I believe this vase can be attributed to Tamara Aladin for Riihimaki/ Riihimaen. She was active with them from 1959-1976. I am the proud owner of other pieces by her.

This lot contains designs by one of my all-time favorites, Eva Zeisel. The four glasses in the front are from the Prestige line for Federal glass. On the top left is a gravy boat from her Century line for Hallcraft in the Harlequin pattern. In the top center is a lone shaker from the Century line as well but I believe it to be a reissue from Royal Stafford for Crate and Barrel. I know that the reissues are in an ivory tone and I couldn't tell until I paired it with the gravy boat. Can you see the difference? Lastly is a creamer in Metallic Brown/ Bronze from the Town and Country line for Red Wing. I couldn't resist this piece since it is my first piece of hers for Red Wing. I actually found it at an antique shop and it was properly identified but it was somewhat low in price.

Another first for me were pieces by Victoria Littlejohn who was a native California potter. These are some of her more typical Victorian home wall plaques but I didn't care because I'd passed up a wall hanging of hers before and was not about to do it again.

Then as luck would have it, I found another piece of hers. This time it was an actual pot/ planter signed by her. The bottom isn't very flat so I thought there was another piece that went along with it. I searched high and low at the thrift. I was also thrown off by her signature which is by the top rim, I didn't know which way was right side up!  It also has some cement-ish type residue near the top that I've tried to scrub away to no avail. The residue is on the unglazed part of the planter so I am hesitant to treat it with harsh chemicals. Anyone have suggestions?

That about wraps up my goodies! I hope you all had a great week and I can't wait to see your finds. If you have some extra time, take a quick look at a mini-DIY I did this week.



  1. Great finds as usual, and I love the fact that all these were made or designed by women! I pick antique malls once in a while, it is surprising what you can find. I have only seen a mushroom tile by Littlejohn, and I do not care for it much, yours are great.

  2. Oh I love the first piece! I collect coloured glass pieces and very rarely find what I like. Thanks for the eye candy :-)

  3. Those wall plaques are beautiful - I love Victorian architecture, there's just something about the lines!

  4. I love the plaques too. So detailed! xx

  5. Very serendipitous that all your finds are by female designers this week - when we celebrated International Womens Day! "I am woman hear me roar ..." Cool stuff.

  6. Sleek lines on the items in the first two pics!

  7. Great finds! I just sold a creamer from that Eva Zeisel Hallcraft line. It was gorgeous!!