Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hunted:: Gathered: 03/03/12

Can you believe we are in March already? Sheesh, where has the time gone...

This week my finds are a bit scattered, ranging from California Pottery to a zoo-line-ish wooden piece. I hope you enjoy them as much I do.

Bauer, Bauer, Bauer. I still can't say no to you, especially if you are in great condition. I believe this to be a creamer from the La Linda line.

This Madonna is by Howard Pierce and is beautifully sculpted. I love seeing his other Madonna's and am curious about where this one lies during his career. I have had a hard time finding any information or even other examples of this iteration.

This sugar container is by Bennington Potters. It is a bit hard to tell from the picture but the little knob if actually made out of wood. I was excited to make this my first find from this pottery.

Lastly, I have found the cocktail version of the Zoo-line squirrel with its fierce fangs and holey tail. While I find the fangs to be a bit disturbing, I had to add this little guy to my ever-growing collection of wooden animals. Now if only I could find a Bojesen in the wild!

Stay tuned this week for a little DIY project. Paint can really make a big difference!

So, what did you find this week? I hope you join the fun at Selena's and Sophie's.


  1. Great finds! Love that cheerful creamer! ;)

  2. i love that silly squirrel! those fangs!

  3. Love the "vampire" squirrel, hehe! Great finds as usual..

  4. Adorable squirrel, you have good luck finding wood animals! I assume he's meant for tooth picks? :)

    I also love the abstract Madonna, at first I thought it was a sculpture of a lily.

  5. I love the Bauer piece! Just beautiful. Great finds!

  6. The squirrel made me gasp out loud! Fantastic!
    One Gal's Trash

  7. Vampire squirrel - awesome! Not as awesome as zombie squirrels but still pretty cool.