Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just some watercolors...

As a christmas gift to myself I bought a watercolor painting set complete with an easel, this led me to produce a few watercolors. The first time I ever painted with watercolors was in gradeschool and I remember not liking it then because I couldn't control it very well. I was re-introduced to it during a summer drawing seminar in Rome where we had a one-day watercolor session with a master watercolorist. It is there that I was able to appreciate this medium once again. We also visited the studio of artist Wendy Artin at the American Academy. Her work on the female figure was absolutely breathtaking and it inspired me to continue to explore the medium. While my watercolors are not of the human form, they were my attempt at reacquainting myself with the technique.

This watercolor evolved from a sketch that I made of a wombat. A creature that I find to be adorable. Due to my attempts at creating variations in tone for his body he resulted being termed the "mean wombat" by my boyfriend.  

A dear friend of mine recently gave birth to a precious baby girl. I wanted to create a little something for her to put in her room and thought a cute teddy bear would be nice. Unfortunately, I tried to create a textured effect for the body and am now unhappy with it. I will be attempting another painting soon and if it fails I might just end up buying something. :/
This one started off as a wash test and I was very pleased with the colors. Once it dried, I wanted to do something with the wash and decided to add a skyline. The one problem that I have with it is that the colors for a sunrise or sunset are inverted, minor detail.

Last but not least, I was practicing my washes again and wanted to use colors that you would normally see in a rusting piece of metal. Once the colors blended together and dried, I splattered some brown paint on it. I have yet to decide what else to do with it. Any suggestions?

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