Friday, August 17, 2012

{Flashback Friday} Hallcraft Bouquet

As you all know by now, Eva Zeisel is one of my favorite all-time designers. It is only appropriate that one of these flashbacks would showcase one of her designs.

The American Home for August- 1952

This image was used to showcase several place setting pieces, from the china to the glassware and silverware. This is what was said about the Hallcraft pieces:

Despite its thrifty price, the pretty dinnerware, timeless as a sonnet, has a good chance of becoming heirloom. Its designer is one of our country's most celebrated, Eva Zeisel, winner of a flock of awards - and some of her china is already treasured by museums as full-fledged art. This pattern, called "Bouquet," is brought out by Hallcraft at $9.95 for a 16 piece starter set. Notice the free-flowing curves, the modeled look which gives Zeisel pieces their distinction - and makes them easy to store and to handle.

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