Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hunted:: Gathered: 12/20/11

I'm running a bit late this week but I couldn't let the week pass before sharing my latest finds with you.

Get a load of this funny little guy by Jean Ellsworth for Pacific Stoneware. I couldn't resist taking a picture of his bum, it cracks me up every time! It reminds me a lot of the Stoneware Design West planters.

This copper enamel plate is by Mary Sharp. She taught the likes of Evelyn Ackerman and Gim Fong here in California and was also friends with fellow enamelist Annemarie Davidson. 

I'd been refraining from buying California pottery for a while now but I couldn't resist this black Bauer sugar container. I know black is usually more desirable and its in pretty good condition so I made an exception.

I also found a set of small enamel bowls that look like they would match a Desco-ware set or even Le Creuset but I'm really at a loss. They are heavy so it makes me believe they are vintage... anyone  know?

Lastly, I found a whole bunch, ,10 to be exact, of Lundtofte taper candle holders. I'd seen these before, usually one piece at a time, but ten in a Ziploc proved too hard to resist!

Well, I hope everyone spends the holidays in good company and with good food!

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  1. I love those candlestick holders. How wonderful would they looked massed together atop a Christmas table...any table actually.

    You've found some lovely interesting things this year and I've really enjoyed checking them out and learning about the people who designed them etc.

    Best wishes to you too x

  2. Hee, I can see why you provided us with the booty shot, it's funny!

    Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. The enamel bowls look like Finel/Arabia enamelware, or something similar. Great find!

  4. I agree that the bowls could be Finel. Grat finds!

  5. @ Kylie- Thanks! I hope you had a swell time this season!

    @Sixballoons, @Hello Vintage- Too cute isn't it. It makes me giggle too. :)

    @Chelsea- Thanks! Still looking 'cause they're small.

    @Mid Mod Mom- Thanks!

  6. I noticed your little Pacific Stoneware Company, figurine. I just listed one on ebay. I notice that they are pretty scarce. I believe this is taken from the Japanese Kokeshi doll. They are made for the kitchen, but I do not know the purpose. Any ideas what they are used for? Anna